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Staying Focused Amidst All Your Ideas

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Have you ever been overwhelmed by too many ideas in your personal or work life?  It’s an odd feeling. On one end, you’re excited and inspired by all the plans you have. On the other, you’re overwhelmed and have too many things swimming around in your head with no idea as to where or how you should get started.

By the time the end of the year rolls around, you may be disappointed at your lack of ability to follow through with many of your ideas.

This is common among entrepreneurs and while it’s great to have ideas, it’s important to prioritize them and determine which ones you’ll actually act on.

I was featured in an Inc.com article that included tips from experts regarding 10 key ways to stay focused when you have too many ideas.

It’s important to narrow down your ideas and make sure they align with your core goals. That way you act and not on impulse. Unfortunately, not every idea comes to fruition but sometimes it’s for the best.

It’s always better for business owners to have one good solid service or source of revenue than dozens of mediocre ones. That can be a recipe for disaster and burnout.

The tips in this article will show you how to clear your mind, find a niche, and commit as well as how to hack your way to being more productive and how to partner up with friends and colleagues to discuss your ideas and be held accountable.

Even if you consider yourself a solopreneur it’s important to have some small business friends or colleagues that you can team up with and bounce ideas off each other. This can even open the door for profitable partnerships in the future as well.

Just remember, a good idea is just that until you take action and plan out a strategy for success. Follow the tips from myself and the other experts in order to tame your ideas and get better organized.