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Travel Tips: Save Big on Accomodations & More. Tip 2 Will Make Your Wallet Kiss You.

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If vacation planning had an easy button, I’d push it.

Sounds strange, right?

Maybe not.

Actually, I’d use an easy button for many aspects of life right now.

But vacation planning is currently at the top of the list.

There are tons of details to plan and prices to look over that it can feel like a work project all by itself (me and my first world issues).

If you’re like I am and you like making things as easy as possible, ask others like-minded travelers what they do to plan a  summer vacation for less.

Take a look at the following tips and see how many you can use to enjoy yourself before fall creeps back up on us.

Here’s Why I’d Like an Easy Button for Summer Vacation Planning

I’ll confess. I love a good deal when I see it.

Who doesn’t?

When it’s easy to do, all the better.

Confucious once said:

Life is simple but we insist on making it complicated.

This is even true when it comes to making our vacation plans.

This tip meets that need.

If you’re a movie buff, Kendal Perez, a savings expert at CouponSherpa.com points out that many theaters offer discounted summer movie programs for kids’ films. Perez explains “Regal Cinemas’ Summer Movie Express offers $1 tickets for kids and adults starting at 10am.”

There are many ways to take advantage of reduced rates whether you’re spending summer nearby or far away. Some movies theaters already offer tickets for $5.00 on a certain nights or reduced rate but some even offer free summer movies.

best-deals-for summer-movies

If you are looking to do dinner and a movie together, picking the right day of the week can be your ticket to summer savings. You can scout out a restaurant where kids can eat for free. Line that night up with your the reduced rate or free movie and you’ll get some major low-cost entertainment all in one shot.

Is this the ultimate tip or what?

I’ll stop your anticipation dead in its tracks.

It surely is.

You won’t be tempted to click away and perhaps, jump into a black hole of wasted time on Facebook.

If you’re headed to the happiest place on Earth a.k.a. Disney, it can also make your wallet so happy that it might do a cartwheel. Lauren Greutman, a dollar saving diva over at Iamthatlady.com, reveals her secret for getting a bargain on Disney rentals.

It’s the “E” word. Believe it or not, you can find more economical places to stay on — none other than Ebay! Greutman explains, “Timeshare companies list their overstocked properties to rent on eBay. My sister just stayed in one last month and paid $500 for an entire week in a condo right in the Disney Park.” A Disney trip doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think. Here are other tips for how to get your money’s worth at Disney World and other disney tips.


Here’s a sample link though this offer may not longer be available.

Use that extra dollar stretching oomph.

A virtual high five to John Rampton for these tips on negotiating rentals. It’s that extra oomph he uses and here’s exactly what he does.

Opening your mouth still proves to be an excellent savings strategy. It’s really the most underutilized coupon. Doing this allows John Rampton of JohnRampton.com to pay a lot less than most other places.

On a recent trip to Italy last year, Rampton searched for a longer term rental (2 weeks) and landed a nice place in the center of Venice! He explains, “The place was a bed and breakfast/hotel that was listed on major sites for like $50 more a night but on Airbnb it was a deal.”


If you plan on staying for a 10 days or so, Rampton suggests messaging the host for 30% off their best rate. He also recommends counter offering their best price. He also adds to put in a good word for yourself by reminding them that you’re clean and respectful.

Offering to pay right then let’s the host know you’re serious. This has proven to be an extremely effective method for him. Maybe you can mimic his negotiating skills, pick where you want to stay for less and get suggestions online or from friends to make your own tour while there. Also, remember that having a travel packing checklist can save you from buying duplicates. It also helps you to remember everything you need.

Once you know when you’re taking time off in the summer, it can be hard to plot out all of the details along with keeping your budget in mind. With a little effort and planning, you can stretch your dollars further. Follow the suggestions mentioned to squeeze in more summer fun for your hard earned buck.

Pay it Forward Time

Do you plan to use one of these tips? Tell how below.

What do you do to save on vacation? Tell me in the comments below.