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Here are Methods That Help Homeowners Save Hundreds on Utilities

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I’ll confess.

When I fixed some drafty outlets in the house to save on energy,

I envisioned myself being one of those game show contestants where you go inside a giant-sized glass capsule.

The ones where money blows all around and whatever you could realistically grab in the duration of time allotted was yours.

I know that’s a little far-fetched but it didn’t quite happen that way and here’s how to fix it.

 Who Else Wants to REALLY Save on Utilities?

I read one article that explained how this technique could save you money and then another article detailed how you would only save about 2%. So if I spent say $100 a month on heating, the saving reaped would only be a whopping 2 dollars. Ack!

After reading many other sites that offered similar tips, it didn’t seem as if one solo tip that was going to make twenty dollar bills fall from the sky. It’s the combination of a bunch of tips together that allow you to maximize savings. Here are three tips that can help a great deal.


1. A modelesque handyman can save you dollars.

Carter Osterhouse was recently on the Rachel Ray Show and he gave tons of ways to save money on utilities. Those same tips are on her website. They are now in the form of a series of short videos. Using these tips all together can save you up to $1000. Check out RachelRayShow.com and type in “Carter Osterhouse” or “Easy Ways to Save $1000 in Your Home” on the site. There was a tip about adjusting a setting on your TV to save money. I’d never heard of anything like that.


2. Be controlling and save.

I recently listened to a podcast on Stacking Benjamins with Andrea Woroch from AndreaWoroch.com about saving money on utilities. I didn’t know that how you fill your washer up with clothes could affect your energy efficiency and, ultimately, your wallet. I also learned about new technology that gets to know your living patterns and can alter the cooling and heating settings accordingly. If your regular routine has changed, you can also adjust your setting from your iPhone. Get all of the details here.


3. Blend savings into your routine.

Though most nighttime routines may consist of clearing off the dinner table, picking out tomorrow’s clothes and maybe writing your to-do list in an effort to make you more productive, BankRate.com suggests putting an “energy sweep” in your schedule to boost your bank account. If your idea of a sweep is being super efficient and taking a look at hard numbers when it comes to the big energy drainers, check out this chart at MichaelBlueJay.com to better focus your efforts on the best way to maximize savings. Figure out how to combat the big energy guzzlers to make it worth the effort.

The Bottom Line

While we are all looking for “big wins”, sometimes we have to settle for a bunch of small wins that add up to big savings. Which draws to mind a fitting quote by Robert Collier, “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

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