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Be a Money Saving Samurai & Add Inexpensive Style to Any Wardrobe

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Are you trying to be stylish without breaking the bank? Well, join the club. I don’t like to spend mucho dinero on clothes that will be out by next year. Not only is it expensive, I just don’t feel like spending so much time shopping. Trends come and go. I think of my clothing as a long term investment. I put together some ideas to perk up what’s in your closet without beating up your wallet. Don’t miss out on adding some style to your wardrobe.





1. Get a new scarf.

This is a simple, inexpensive way to perk up your wardrobe. An item like this can make your other clothes look new. If you wear a long sleeved white shirt and a pair of jean one day, it can look like a whole new outfit just by adding a scarf. It will also turn you from a plain Jane to a stylish woman. American Eagle Outfitters has the popular loop scarves for about $20.00. If you need something super inexpensive, I have seen nice scarves at the dollar store. No one has to know. . .shhh! Here are 15 ways to tie a scarf from Thefashionspot.com. The versatility makes them that much more vital for a stylish, money saving wardrobe.

2. Try to mend before you spend.

Instead of running out to get a new pair of shoes, have you considered repairing the ones you have? Try to locate a nearby shoe repair shop. See if the cost of repair is cheaper than getting new shoes. If you are the type to take things into your own hands, here’s a DIY tutorial for repairing worn heels with glitter.

3. Get something new towards the end of the season.        
I got my daughter these new boots in the middle of winter last year. Brightening up her wardrobe is an understatement. It adds a little glitz  to whatever she wears. It takes the doldrums out of her wardrobe and the long winter season.They still fit her and now she has bargain boots that she can wear for two seasons.


We joked that my daughter was the disco queen wearing these. I originally took the picture because of how the light bounced off. Wherever she goes, there’s a built-in light show ready and waiting.;0)

4. Buy new t-shirts.
No matter the season, people wear t-shirts all year round. A funny saying or a cool graphic could be just what the wardrobe doctor ordered. Wear it over a long sleeved shirt or put a cardigan over it. Either way it pushes the refresh button on style.

Check out these t-shirts.

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