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Get Extra Cash with this App: Save up to $1040 a Year on Groceries

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Dealing with special offers on receipts can sometimes be a pain. Most of the time the offer is for the next purchase that expires shortly or to save on a competitor’s brand that you don’t even like. I’ll accept delayed gratification when there’s a decent reward at the finish line but this is not enough incentive to get me back in the store.

You may think you’re just not patient enough to wait or not perfectly organized to get back to the store before the offer expires.

Actually, your tolerance can be working against you! Who has time to wait for all of the offers and coupon stars to be in alignment? What did you really get for free anyway. . .toothpaste? You can’t eat that.

If saving on groceries is a problem, here’s a way to get rid of it.

Shop with this App
There’s a free mobile app that will launch on the ipad and iphone shortly.  It will be accessible through Android soon. Users are able to download and use the app for free.  This app puts cash back in your pocket. After selecting offers that you want to buy, the app makes your shopping trip more efficient by generating a list of the brands you choose to purchase. You don’t have to cut anything out. You just have to remember to pick the offers on your app and partake in a few short engagements. Learning a fact or answering a question never seemed so easy. Get cash sent to your paypal account or donate it to your child’s school. No waiting for a rebate, the cash is sent to you within 24 hours. If you ignore this, you’ll lose out on the simple, streamlined savings you’ve been waiting for.

How to Get Extra Money Back in Your Pocket and Score Big Savings

I admit it. I’m excited to save money when I can. Big savings equals one happy dance here. The reality is many people don’t have time to search out special offers, let alone get to the grocery store.  I just don’t like to spend time extensively planning just to feed myself. So here’s the cure. Get this app and take a few minutes to get special offers right before you shop. I like to think of this as a “save as you go”  for people on the go.  A few minutes of using the app can land you big savings.  Say you chose 10 offers a week that gave you $10 back per offer, that would add up to $520 a year! If you doubled the amount of offers, that would be $1,040 a year.

It Can Be Easy to Save on Groceries

I repeat. It can be easy to save on groceries. Once you register for the app, there you will choose from a variety of deals and select the brands that you like and the amount of cash back you want to receive. In essence, you can customize your coupons, the amount you want to save and choose from the stores listed to shop from.

Here’s how it works:

1. Select your offers, the more you choose, the more money you will get back in your Paypal account. Learn a fact or answer a question about a brand you choose.

2. Purchase the products at either Target, Walmart or Walgreens.

3. Take a picture of your receipt and send it to the company. They will record your purchase.
The cash from the offers will be in your Paypal account within 24 hours.  Keep the cash for yourself or donate it to a school.

My blog readers are granted access pre-launch. Early adopters gain exclusive access before the rest of the general public. If you want be one of the first to try the app, you should sign up here.

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