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How to Find Bucket List Examples That Improve Your Health

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Bucket list examples are everywhere.

What if I explained that there are many fun bucket list activities to do that can also have positive effects on your health?

Would that keep you reading?


Below are some of my favorite ways to find new bucket list examples.

My Favorite Bucket List Examples #1

Whether you have a favorite comic in mind that you’re finally getting around to seeing or you’re open to listening to someone new at an area comedy club, it can’t hurt to add seeing a live comedian to your bucket list of things to do with friends and family. In fact, it can work to your advantage.

Though this sounds like common sense, research reveals that laughing has many health benefits. One commonly known benefit is it can ward off stress. When endorphins (also referred to as the good stuff on the  The Importance of a Real Bucket List episode of Stacking Benjamins) get released, it reduces stress and anxiety.  According to an article about stress relief from laughter by the Mayo Clinic, it can also “increase personal satisfaction” and elevate your mood.



My Favorite Bucket List Examples #2

According to WebMD, you can reap many health benefits from exercise (another no brainer). Keeping bones, muscles and joints healthy are some of them. It can also lower blood pressure and the likelihood of getting heart disease. Planning an outing that includes physical activity can be a great way to squeeze in some exercise. It can also be a free or low-cost way to have fun.

Choose places you’ve never been that include swimming, jogging, cycling, hiking, etc. Whether the physical activity takes center stage as the main focus of the trip or if it’s something you weave into your adventure, it can help you stay active while away.


Image by Jonny Lindner from Pixabay


My Favorite Bucket List Examples #3

Plato once said, “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” Whether it’s a band you liked as a kid, a legendary singer or a new artist you’ve taken a liking to, there’s most likely someone you’ve been longing to see in concert.

Though live music might not sound exactly like the recorded version (sometimes it’s actually better), you can reap research-based benefits of hearing it in person such as increasing your life span and improving aspects of your well-being. This equates to upping your happy factor and knocking out another bucket list item.

If you like concerts, be sure to get alerts for bands and artists you would like to see. Some bands and singers give a great deal of notice so you can buy tickets well in advance. I recently bought tickets this past spring for a concert I will see in November. Others add extra dates as they go. The same is often true for the other types of events mentioned in this post.

I recently saw a Facebook update notifying followers on the fan page that another singer would be coming to a local venue in a few months. I frequently look at the list of shows that go to that venue and never saw anything prior. If I didn’t hear about it through the person’s page, it probably would have slipped off the radar.

In order to make sure you stay on top of when the dates are released, consider a number of ways to do so. Start with getting updates from obvious places like Ticketmaster or another reputable site. This can help you get first dibs on available seating as soon as tickets are available. Whether you get an email or a notification to your phone, it can help you set short term goals to achieve some bucket list items now.



The Bottom Line

Try the bucket list example above to check more items off of your list while simultaneously reaping some health benefits from the ideas mentioned. If you’re serious about making these items happen sooner than later, consider investing in a bucket list book to brainstorm all of your own unique bucket list ideas and learn how to prioritize what to do first.