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Cheap Dinner Ideas: How to Get UNSTUCK from the Meal Plan Rut

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Have you ever experienced a mental block went it came to making dinner?


Until recently, if you’d asked me about dinner ideas I would have said that never happened to me.

That’s a sign that you need to search the interwebs and get out of a rut.

And that will give you the magic bullet to blast through your meal time mental block.

But I was STUCK and I didn’t see how the world wide web was going to solve my dilemma.

I know the subject well. Meal planning that is. I have a multitude of cook books and I DVR many cooking shows throughout the week just to always have something new to try. I can rattle off several dishes to make out of one piece of protein easily. But this time around I got locked up. Nothing. My mind was blank. I was pretty much out of ideas.

So what the heck was going on here?

Luckily,one or two search terms on Pinterest did the trick for me. I discovered these tasty and oh-so-cheap dinner ideas. I’ve spotted what I think will be your most treasured recipes. Check them out below.


Cheap Dinner Ideas: How to Break Your Mental Meal Plan Block



1. Weekly Menu Plan [Yummy Healthy Easy]

2. Stuffed Peppers [Recipe.com]

3. Cheap Eats Week  [The Craft Patch]

4. Twenty Healthy Dinner Recipes Under $3 [Better Homes and Gardens]

5. Top 20 from 2011 [Budget Bytes]

6. Cheap and Easy Recipes Ideas [WebMD]

7. Dinner on a Dime [Discount Queens]

8. Cheap & Easy Dinner Ideas [Fleur d’Elise]

9. 20 Healthy Dinner Recipes Under $3 [Better Homes and Gardens]

10. 20 Delicious and Cheap Dinners for Two [Lifehacks]

11. More than 75 Budget-Friendly Dinners [The Craft Patch]

12. 10 Favorite Slow Cooker Recipes  [Mummy Deals]

13. 10 Inexpensive Recipes That Rock [Money Saving Enthusiast]

14.  Soup, Stew, and Chili Recipes [Money Saving Enthusiast]

Check out my Meal Plan Mini-Course here (or head back if you started there).

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