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The Statement You Must Say to Yourself to Finally Get Organized

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organizationCramped closet? Short on storage space?

There’s that burning question you ask yourself. . .

When am I finally going to be organized?

In fact, the need to answer this question indicates that you’ve already pinpointed the problem.

Your question may now become a statement.

The statement is “I NEED to get organized.”

Charles F. Kettering was an American inventor, engineer, and business man who brought automobiles into the Age of Electricity. He once said:

A problem well stated is a problem half-solved.

Give yourself a little credit. You already stated the problem. Now you know what you need to do.

Get Inside the Mind of a Neat Freak and Get Organized

Here’s the scenario:

On the surface it seems like common sense. You have a home with too much stuff or items that just need a place to be. And because you aren’t a neat freak (or you don’t have time to be one), you’d like to think that you can at least find something when you are looking for it. You don’t have to hire a professional. The most cost-effective way is to do it yourself.

You know other people who do it and they make it seem like a piece of cake. In the past, you may have tried to go it alone and for some reason, it didn’t work. Doubt plagues your mind when you think about trying again but you’re back to square one. Square one= messy. Square one = overwhelmed. Now let’s admit, we didn’t exactly sign up for messy and overwhelmed. Did we? It’s not where we want to be.

Phew! It’s a good thing I gathered up some wonderful posts about organization. Aren’t I nice? Get inspired by looking at the posts. It may give you the BOOST you need to get going in the right direction. Take back the precious space in your home and restore your sanity.Here goes.





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