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Adventures in Having a Clutter Free Home

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Not too shabby. I actually like my bedroom again. You can even dust when there isn’t any clutter on top of surfaces.

Are you tired of not being able to find what you need?

A house can be hard to manage.

Don’t get too discouraged.

Getting rid of a little bit each day can help.

Don’t miss how quickly you can find items to ditch. You’ll get a more tidy house that you deserve.

Get a Clutter-Free Home and Do Operation Ditch

Getting rid of stuff has it’s benefits.

Decluttering keeps your house tidy, appealing to the eye, and helps you to get rid of items you no longer need. I’ve decided to declutter daily.

For ten minutes a day I am looking for items to discard. I’m hoping to either donate or give items no longer needed to someone. I started in my bedroom.

I went through my things as well as a laundry basket of my family’s clothes. I first attempted to get rid of some of my books but I can’t ever part with them.

At least three of them are about clutter which is pretty funny.  I also have an autographed cope of a book written by the editor-in-chief of REAL SIMPLE magazine. She wrote me a little note in her book that I bought. It inspires me to stay on top of what’s in my house.

I found one of my favorite books. It’s autographed by the editor-in-chief of Real Simple Magazine.


I can’t get rid of any of my personal finance books either because I like to refer to them when needed. I have a hard time getting rid of books in general.


So I settled on clothes. I aimed to ditch any clothing I could find in that ten minute span. I call it the Operation Ditch.  I play music to stay motivated in that span of time.

Here’s what I’m ditching.

  • A gently used shirt that just isn’t my style (don’t ask).
  • A cardigan and some other clothes that no longer fit my daughter.
  • A frame that I’ve had forever that I have no clue why it didn’t go sooner.


When I find things along that way that I can sell, I have my kids put them on Ebay. I rather spend my money on experiences this summer. We are headed to Disney. While the kids like amusement parks and swimming, I like to spend money on local food. I often map out where I want to go and make my own food tour.

To me, traveling is more fun than taking care of things that have such a short life span in my house. Happy decluttering!

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