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DIY Low Cost Storage: Organize Your Rings, Things and Bling for Less

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Does your child have heaps of bracelets, watches and holiday pins and necklaces? Are there so many that they are hard to find when you need them? The secret to finding them is organization (not rocket science).

And while some people might think this is uptight. Children need to learn how to take care of their stuff. It’s just smart parenting. I want to share and easy, simple to replicate idea for organizing your child’s stuff.

One plastic storage box with dividers inside ~ $2.00-$3.00
Clips, pins, watches, necklaces, barrettes, etc.

1. Purchase this box at your local craft store or check out an online store. This one closes with an attached lid but you can get any kind you like as long as there are dividers inside.

2. Place items inside. You can store them according to color, season or holiday. I organized mine around October so I happened to start putting my Halloween and fall colored items first.

Then I just filled in with the holidays that followed. Christmas came next. Then Valentine’s Day. This was convenient because many of the red items stayed together and can be worn for both occasions.

I left a few rows for miscellaneous items. I have a cupcake barrette for my daughter. She can wear it every day or on her birthday. Some of the “holiday” items are just regular every day items that happen to be a festive color. For example, I have a lime green flower barrette that I put in the St. Patty’s Day section. Those items can also be used any time of the year but storing them this way just works for me.

How do you store your little items that your child has? Comment below.