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Last Minute Valentine's Day Ideas That Rock

Did you lose track of time? It might be too late to book a fancy restaurant . You can also forget about ordering something online. You may be able to run to the nearest store to quickly put together some of the ideas below for your sweetheart and your family.

Valentine's Day Ideas: 10 Unique Ideas That Rock

If you are looking to move away from the same ‘ol flowers and chocolates for Valentine’s Day, make this year special with unique ideas. Add an extra special touch of thoughtfulness with cookies, candy grams, breakfasts ideas, and more. I rounded up ten of them for you here. SWAK!   Valentine’s Day Ideas That Will

Valentine's Day Ideas: Recipes and Festive Fun That Rocks

The holidays are over, but you’d like to get excited to plan again. You may think it’s hard to even have time to look for new recipes or gifts, but don’t get too discouraged. . . Trying to do too much may be the CULPRIT. There are popular recipes and Valentine’s Day ideas waiting here

Motivation Time Tuesday: 18 Things to Do on Christmas Break

Maybe you’re  finishing up wrapping gifts and being cozy at home. Or you might have to juggle work and the kiddos for the holidays. Either way, get motivated to do what you’ve been meaning to do. There are only so many years your kids will believe in Santa. Make sure you take a minute to

The Payoff: Use Credit Cards & This Method to Be Debt Free

Quickly answer this: Do you keep track of what you put on a credit card? Or even better, will you be able to pay the balance in full when the bill comes due? I’m thinking the answer is no. This is a major problem. You only have so much money to go around, and if

How to Make DIY Ecards: Use Picmonkey's Free Online Photo Editor

The benefits of sending an ecard are straightforward: Many are FREE to send. You can send digital media instead of paper. They’re eco-friendly. The sender can easily email the card to the recipient via email. The questions is, “How do I make my own ecard to send the sweetest sentiments, get big smiles, and add

Fight for Your Right to Party on a Budget

Does spending big bucks hold you back from having a big bash? It shouldn’t have to be so costly to just have a gathering with your friends and family. You may think it’s inflation or that the economy is to BLAME! Actually a lack of creativity is working AGAINST you. Not anymore! There’s a website

Why You Should Choose Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap Ideas

I often cringe every time I wrap a gift. I feel badly buying paper that will just end up in a landfill. I don’t even like to purchase gift bags for fear that the recipients are just going to throw them out. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the amount of household waste usually increases