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Be a Clutter-Busting Samurai: Cut the Clutter, Stress and Spending

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Cut the clutter from your home. Make a game out of it and challenge yourself to ditch 25 items a week. Photo via Flickr.

I am currently challenging myself to do some extreme decluttering. I’m shooting to get rid of 10 items a day, hoping for 7 but doing at least five.

In writing a recent post on the Ditch 5 Daily Rule ™ regarding clutter, it reminded me that having clutter can be stressful.

According to WebMD.com, stress hormones are released into your body when you feel stressed. Short-term stress can cause headaches, irritability, fatigue and stomach upset.

I also learned from organization guru, Peter Walsh, it takes a financial toll. It costs money to acquire these items.

Now, show of hands. . .

How many of you want more stress and less money in your life?

(Sound of crickets)

That’s right. . .YOU DON’T!

So why not control what you can and sign up for less stress and more money.

If I feel behind on taking care of my house,

I do what I call a Clutter Detox ™. Read on to find out what it is.

Be a Clutter Busting Samurai: Cut the Clutter, Stress and Spending All At Once

Not matter what you are doing to get a clutter-free home, creating a plan is key. If you are behind and want to start fresh and purge away, I suggest doing a Clutter Detox. I’ll explain what I do in the the following steps.

This is exactly what I do:

1. I get rid of at least five items a day that I do not need or use. You can do this all at once but I prefer to ditch stuff as I go during my morning routine.

2. Put everything in one box or bag for the sake of time.

3. At the end of the week, sort out where you will bring the items (recycle, donate, give to a friend, sell, trash, etc.)

4. Make it a point to ship those items out by the weekend. Set a reminder on your phone or calendar to ship the items out. Be sure to set this deadline. Otherwise you will just have a bag of organized clutter sitting around.

5. Take break from accumulating during this time and only buy things you really need.

After following the Ditch 5 a Day Rule ™, I was able to round up 25 items by the end of the week to ship out.

If you did this for four weeks straight, that would be 100 items!

I effortlessly gathered up 25 items in a week’s time using the Ditch 5 Daily Rule during my clutter detox.


So let’s leave clutter on the curb (for the garbage man) or at your local donation station using the Clutter Detox.

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