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15 Creative Activities for Kids (and Adults) That Involve Food

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Number 13 is my favorite. Food that other people make from a food truck in New York.


As a part-time teacher and kid economics major (wink) I feel as if I have a black belt in boredom busters (inexpensive ones).

I like to enrich my family with hobbies that are also life skills.

I really believe hobbies are essential to happiness too.

Whether I’m by myself, with friends, or with my family, I like to come up with easy, affordable, and fun things to make or do that happen to evolve around food.

If you like to make something special, try something new, or  fight of the dreaded “b” word (boredom) I came up with a list so you can be well equipped.

Get 15 Creative Activities for Kids (and Adults) that Involve Food, Yeah!!

1. Make a root beer float bar.  [Hostess with the Mostess]

2. Grill an ordinary hotdog or make a spiraled bbq hot dog. [Dessert Now, Dinner Later]

3. Grill a hamburger.

4. Make strawberry mango smoothies. [Recipe News]

5. Get your favorite cookies and make an ice cream sandwich.

6. Pack a picnic based on Food Network recipes.

7. Make real lemonade. Here’s my favorite Paula Deen recipe. [Food Network]

8. Use your favorite fruit juice and make your own popsicles.

9. Grow your own food.

10. Make sun tea. [Country Living]

11. Make a classic BLT or one with sofrito. [Mamiverse]

12. Try to make something special that you tried at a food festival. [This Momma Can Cook]

13. Find a new food truck to sample. I tried a bunch at the Food Festival in New York.

14. Be your own tour guide and base your trip around the food.

15. Shake your cinna-bon-bon (I just wanted to say that) and make Cinnabon Pancakes. [Super Glue Mom]

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