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How to Use a Daily Schedule Printable that Aligns with Your Goals

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You may have seen a daily schedule printable . . .

Perhaps, you’ve thought about switching over to using one . . .

But you haven’t done so because you already feel overcommitted.

If you have too much on your plate, it might be a sign that you have to prioritize your goals and hone your focus.

Fortunately, I’ve come up with some solutions.

I’ll share my best tips for using a daily schedule printable so you can stick with your goals and not get sidetracked.

Use a Daily Schedule Printable with a Goal Tracker Printable to Crush Your Goals


That’s your big idea?

I know it’s not rocket science, but sometimes we overcomplicate things and need to be reminded to keep things simple.

This. Is. Key.

Why should I use a goal tracker printable with a daily schedule printable?

It’s not enough to just make a daily to-do list every day and hope you’ll accomplish what you set out to do. If you check the goal tracker printable before plotting out your day on the daily schedule printable, you’ll remember to generate next steps to take based on the goals you’ve written down. 

It helps ensure that you’ll focus your energy on completing those items. Also, make it a part of your daily routine to go back to the goal tracker template at the end of each day. Set a reminder to keep track of your progress using the graph provided and plan for the next day. 

Approaching goals this way is actually backed by science. According to the American Psychological Association, the more frequently you check your progress, the more likely you are to succeed. It can’t hurt to try.

What exactly is a goal tracker printable and how do I use it with my daily schedule printable?

Using a goal tracker printable is in vogue. Essentially, it’s a paper printable that houses your goals in written form. It often has room for a goal tracker graph. There’s space to fill in little squares, showing that you followed through on your action step for that day.

The main idea behind it is to improve in a certain area or get a desired outcome. I truly think that using this type of printable is one of the best ways to make sure you’ll work toward your dream list of goals consistently. 

You then link your goals to the daily schedule printable by writing down action steps that align with those goals. This ensures that you’re not just writing out your goals, but you’re actively committing to taking steps to move things forward.

Here’s Exactly How I Use My Daily Schedule Printable to Knock My Goals Out of the Park

It would be ideal to improve every aspect of my life, but that isn’t always possible. It can spread you too thin and hold you back from making great strides in one area. 

If you’re overwhelmed or have a hard time moving forward with your goals, a Fast Company article suggests starting small.

For this reason, I created my own printables to narrow down my focus. I work on 3 goals at a time in a particular area. It helps me decide the most important action steps to work on right now that align with these goals. 

Once you get a daily schedule printable and goal tracker printable pdf, think of areas you’d like to improve upon. Whether you focus on a mix of short term and long term goals for school/work and personal life or solely focus your energy on one area is up to you.

Here’s exactly what I do:

I choose an area I’d like to focus on. For this example, I chose Work/Career.

I came up with 3 goals that I can work on daily.

Here are sample goals that I jotted down.

  1. Increase revenue by $500 a week.
  2. Post my Everyday Planner Shop ETSY pins daily on Pinterest.
  3. Listen to a business book for 20 minutes a day.




Though number one doesn’t explain the specific actions to take like the others, I plan on taking one daily action to try and reach my revenue goal. For example, I can reach out to former clients, try to sell other services/products to my current clients or post something on social media to get on people’s radar. I’m happy as long as I do something daily to try.

Goal 2 is very straightforward. I just have to post a pin on Pinterest that links to The Everyday Planner Shop. I just have to look at my schedule to know what pins to post.

Goal 3 is also clear-cut. I have business books on audible waiting for me when I get some down time. I just make sure to carve out time while driving, exercising or doing chores. 

Like my vision board of life list goals, I try to post this printable in a place where I will see it daily. It serves as a visual reminder to carry out steps and keeps me from getting sidetracked.



If there are a variety of different actions that have to happen regularly to move a goal forward, I will write it down on my daily to do list under the “Top 3 Action Steps”. It stays on my radar and I know it’s take priority.

I leave a space for three of the most important things that need to happen that day. They link to one or more of my three goals. I also underline those three priorities in colors that correspond to the goal tracker sheet.


For example, I use red for goal 1. I color in the section on the graph that keeps track of my progress with goal 1.

I’ll then underline any action step in red on my to do list that corresponds to that goal (see pic above). This is just an extra step I take, but it isn’t necessary. I find it helpful.

It’s just one more layer to remind me to focus and follow through on my goals. Once I complete the action or work on that goal for the day, I color in a square on the graph that corresponds to that goal. 

The graph has numbers at the top that represent each day of the month. The numbers on the side coincide with the goals listed above them. You can start using the tracker at the beginning of the month.



I keep these in a binder and make sure I work on them daily.



It’s always the right time of year to set goals and follow through on them. Whether you want to read more, save for an emergency fund or make more money, these tips will help you you achieve even your most audacious life list goals. Get started with a daily schedule printable for goal setting today!


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