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Budget-Friendly Fashion Ideas: Hit the Reset Button on Your Wardrobe

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best-fashion-tips.jpgAre you tired of your wardrobe?

Does it need a boost?

Looking truly hip involves knowing what to wear but. . .

it can also be pricey to stay on top of every fashion trend.

So HOW can you look stylish for less?

Here are Fashion Ideas Your Wallet Will Welcome

According to Instyle.com, using brightly-colored accessories are key. “Not only is a hunter green satchel more lively than ho-hum black, it’s also surprisingly versatile.” Whenever I add a new scarf or purse to an outfit, I feel as if I hit the reset button on my look.

It’s re-energizes your style and keeps you up-to-date. Here’s a catchy phrase I made up to remember what to do when I need an economical wardrobe pick-me-up. I call it the A.B.C. technique.

The A stands for Accessorize

Purchase a new belt, scarf, purse, etc.Some items can be as inexpensive as $10.

The B stands for Bright

Be sure to pick a lively color. This is where you come out of your comfort zone a bit especially if you aren’t use to trying something a  little bold. For example, maybe you wouldn’t wear a hot pink shirt but you like it for a clutch or a belt.

The C stands for Cheap

Start in the clearance area to find inexpensive accessories. You’d be surprised to find deep discounts on decent items. I’m not talking about stuff that falls apart after a few wears or doesn’t wash well. I like the price to be cheap, not the item. Go to any department store with quality products and you can find items there.

I found this scarf  2 winters ago in February. I knew I would only have a month or so left of winter to wear it but I still use it today. I only paid 5 dollars for it. I also found a purse at Payless for $10. I love this trendy greenish-blue color. Even if it goes out of style in a few years, I didn’t overpay for it.

I spent a total of 15 dollars to give my outfit a boost.

Here’s the scenario. You’re about to leave the house. You look too plain. You’re tired of wearing the same thing. You need a fashion quick fix.


Here’s you are..  safe and neutral.



Here you are after following the ABC Technique. It helps to add inexpensive style to any wardrobe.




A-There are two accessories.

B– They are both brightly-colored.

CCheap! Shh! (economical). They were both so inexpensive.

Expect more fashion quick tips here every Friday.

Let me know if this technique works for you. Before you forget. .  share in the comments below.


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