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How to Get Cash-Generating Side Hustles for Extra Pocket Money

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Need extra cash or a little pocket money?

What is stopping you?

In today’s economy, self-employment continues to be an important source of jobs in the U.S. According the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, 15.3 million individuals were self-employed in 2009.

You don’t have to own a business to work for yourself. Many people make an income from performing day-to-day business tasks. There are many websites looking for virtual assistants, designers, freelancers, and more.

Here are 10 tips to turn your know-how, skills, and experience into pocket money or a cash flowing side hustle.

1. Turn skills into cash.

Make a list of skills you have that you can market.
(You may be more talented than you think.)

2. Focus on big wins.

Try to make the most money possible for your time. Brainstorm what jobs can get you the most money for your time.
(Is frugality for the birds?)

3. Read a Kindle book of 101 ways to make extra money in your spare time.

(Get unique side hustle ideas here.)

4. Find odd jobs and random tasks to do for people in your area.

(Consider running errands, cooking, or working as a handyman.)

5. Try data entry, graphics, writing, or other positions.  

Look for virtual assistant jobs and employment information here.

6. Become a freelancer.

(Create a free profile here and get started. great for marketers, designers, mobile developers, writers and the list goes on.)

7. Find work as a skilled contractor.

(Business services, web development, design, writing, administrative support and more)

8. Get artsy.

(Sell your photography, graphics, pottery, and more.)

9. Look for jobs on Twitter.

(Check under the hashtag #jobs and #freelance.)

10. Find something you love to do that is in demand.

(Cash in on your passion.)

Now I’m passing it to you.

Do you know of any tips to make extra money?

One response to “How to Get Cash-Generating Side Hustles for Extra Pocket Money

  1. Hi Karen,

    Great starter list. Some of the side hustle ideas I’m most excited about at the moment are digital publishing (on Amazon’s Kindle and elsewhere), selling micro-services on Fiverr, and teaching unique skills on platforms like Udemy.

    Definitely looking forward to exploring some of these avenues in more detail here in the coming months!



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