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Free Virtual Math Flashcards for Extra Help in School or Enrichment

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Are you worried about your child falling behind in math?
Did you know if you practice math for 10 minutes a day with your child, they will have 60 hours of extra practice in a year’s time?
If you had to pay a tutor $25 dollars an hour (which is cheap) for 60 hours of tutoring,  it would cost 1500 dollars a year.
Don’t miss out on giving your child the extra help they need.


Here is a cool website to give your child extra practice for free. I chose this Math Fact Cafe for Flashcard Friday. The site allows your child to practice math facts on virtual flashcards.

The fact appears and the child types in the answer. My daughter can be resistant to practicing math facts period. I let her use my laptop to make it more enticing.

It corrects the problems as they go. Users can check which ones they got wrong at the end. This helps to know if they need more practice or if they can move on to something harder.

The site also offers practice for time and money. There are options to print out worksheets too. There are ready made worksheets or you can build your own.

This is a wonderful way to customize what your child needs. It can also provide enrichment for those who are looking for a challenge. It starts at first grade and goes up to fourth. Check it out.

I’ll run you through a sample lesson here.

1. When you go to MathFactCafe.com. The screen looks like this. Choose “Flashcards”.



2. Choose the appropriate grade level. I chose third grade for my daughter.

Sometimes I make her review 2nd grade math too.



3. There will be a list of different examples to do. The list actually starts with adding at the top, then subtraction, multiplication and division. If you aren’t sure where to start, begin at the top. They problems get progressively harder as you proceed down. It can’t hurt to review. It will also let you know what your child needs to work on. Also, if you start with the easier stuff, they will warm up to the idea of practicing.



4. I chose adding fractions. Most children need review with fractions so it’s an okay place to start for this tutorial.



5. Click the “begin” button and keep both of the options checked. I want it to let me know  if my child is getting them right or wrong while we were working on it. If they get the first 3-4 wrong, I would stop. It’s obviously too hard and you’ll need to pick something easier.



6. For this particular problem, you have to type in the top number with a slash and then the bottom number to represent the fraction symbol.



7. Some of the answers are improper fractions for this particular set. If the answer is right, it will tell you. Click the next button to proceed.



8. New problems will appear. There are 20 problems to complete here.



9. Once you get to the end, it will display all of the problems. If any of them are incorrect, it will be highlighted. Here it is highlighted with a pink rectangle.



10. If you hover over the one that is incorrect, it will show you the right answer.



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