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7 Reasons Why You Can Get Errands Done Efficiently at CVS

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get-errands-done-at-cvs Out of snacks midweek?

Need to hit the ATM last minute?

Or did you run out of one or two items like batteries or laundry detergent?

These errands along with regular trips like grocery shopping can be time-consuming.

It’s not a surprise that we feel overwhelmed with such responsibilities, and a little guilty for wanting to abandon them all together.

While they are a necessary evil, you might be wondering how you can scale back a bit or be a little more efficient when getting these tasks done.

If it’s something you tend to dread along with other mundane errands, use these tips to cross more off your to do list in less time.

How to Shop Efficiently When You’re Unplanned (or a Little Burnt Out)

Lately, I’m tired of running errands and I’m not willing to run to multiple stores.

Maybe that’s a little strong, but sometimes I prefer to shop in one store as best as I can without drastically overpaying for convenience. While I normally enjoy planning and it tends to keep my spending in check, having to be constantly be planned can sometimes be draining.

I usually make an efficient grocery list of what to buy well in advance, but sometimes life just doesn’t work that way. While lumping errands is a habit I adopted long ago to get things done, it helps me more than ever now as a time-strapped freelancer. Now that I write more and books podcast guests. I just have a shorter time frame to plot out where I’ll go to get everything done.

Normally, I spend about an hour or so on the weekend plotting out where to shop for groceries and other items during the week. I plan where I want to shop around my schedule and go to stores that are located close to where I will be. This way I could seamlessly weave an errand into my schedule without feeling as though it is it’s own event.

While this is ideal, lately I’ve been crossing some of these tasks and much-needed items off of my list by making quick stops at CVS.

Here are 7 ways that it helps me.

1. CVS is conveniently located off of an exit on my way home.

It’s easy to find a CVS. Their website has a store locator that can give you the address, phone numbers, store and pharmacy hours as well as directions. Since there are multiple locations, I know I can easily find one.


2. They have an ATM machine.

I’m able to pull cash out of the ATM there without incurring any fees since I bank through Capital One 360. For those of you that aren’t familiar with this bank, it’s not a brick and mortar bank so there isn’t a physical building where I can go to withdraw money. It’s an online bank. I recently typed my zip code into their ATM locator and noticed that there are 120 places I could go to get my money without a fee in a 20 mile radius. CVS is one of those places.

3. It’s a one-stop shop for random items.

While getting cash, I can also pick up miscellaneous items like allergy medication, holiday treats and even a few groceries while I’m there. Recently, when I got off work, I was in a mad dash to get money for my daughter’s field trip, pick up some Easter treats before the holiday weekend, grab some milk and eggs and then bolt to pick up my child from school.

I figured out I wouldn’t have enough time to hit my bank’s ATM and the grocery store. I was able to do all of the above in one quick trip to CVS. It beats having to roam all over the big old grocery store or roam around big box stores for just a few things. It helps me free up time to get more done and work more effectively.

4. You can find healthy snacks.

Whenever I’m out running errands and I’m hungry, I often have a mini internal conflict about whether or not I should just get a candy bar. I rushed to the register and before caving into my last resort option, I spied a new line of healthy snacks towards the front end. Once again, I didn’t have to make an extra trip and snake through aisles at the grocery store to find something healthy before driving to pick up my child just to buy cereal or some healthy granola bars.


CVS now carries their own Gold Enblem Abound brand, which is why I feel like CVS Pharmacy completely gets me as a customer. I made them my go-to pharmacy after they stopped selling cigarettes and banned tobacco. But now it’s even more apparent that they are on trend and taking a stand for health by offering healthier choices when it comes to consumables.

My daughter enjoyed these Fuji Apple Crisps. Glad I was able to pick them up while rushed.

I’ve also noticed that healthier options have been popping up on their shelves. They carry brands like Bare Freeze Dried Fruit, Bear Naked, Chobani, Clif, Fiber One, Food Should Taste Good, Honest Tea, Kashi, KIND, and many more. You can also find items that are organic, non-GMO, heart-healthy, gluten-free, etc.

5. There’s an incentive to eat healthy.

I noticed in a recent circular that they are incentivising eating better. Purchasing new healthy foods can help you benefit from the Extra Care Rewards program. They have weekly deals in their flyer for such healthy choices. Stay up on the specific deals for that week.

6. Stay organized even when you’re rushed.

House your Extra Care card, stay on top of your Extra Care bucks and get access to exclusive offers and coupons using the CVS app. Keep everything together digitally and even pull back the deal curtain a bit by seeing what’s available in store (or even online).

7. Reap some savings before you even step foot in the aisles.

Luckily, I can use one of my discounted CVS gift cards in a pinch. If I know that a great brand isn’t as cheap as I’d like it to be or if it’s not on sale the week that I need it, I can always whip out one of my cards that I purchased through the Raise App. You can also purchase them from their website at Raise.com.

You can even get some coupons at the front of the store at CVS. There’s a machine where you can scan you CVS card or type in your phone number to get coupons on the spot.

Here’s an automatic 11% savings no matter what is on sale. If you hit deals and have coupons, you can stack your discount or use extra care bucks to considerably lower prices on certain items.

The Bottom Line

Surprised at how you can shop so efficiently at CVS? It offers more than just prescriptions and awesome makeup. They are making it easier to cross multiple tasks off of your to do list in one fell swoop. You can save time and money by picking up needed items there over making multiple stops to the grocery store, bank and pharmacy separately. Tackle one task at a time more efficiently by shopping there.