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Longmont, Colorado: Fun Things to Do w/ Mindy Jensen

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Discover the breathtaking beauty and thrill that awaits you in Longmont, Colorado. This hidden gem is nestled amidst some of America’s most stunning landscapes. An array of exciting activities awaits you. It will surely fill your days with adventure.

Whether you’re a lover of outdoor activities, a history enthusiast, or a budding foodie, there’s no shortage of exhilarating experiences to explore in Longmont. Explore the city’s historic streets, beautiful parks, and bustling markets to get a taste of its vibrant, welcoming atmosphere. A fun-filled escape awaits you in Longmont, Colorado.

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Today’s Podcast Guest Talks Longmont, Colorado Bucket List Ideas

I’m incredibly happy to welcome Mindy Jensen to the Everyday Bucket List Podcast!

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Mindy Jensen of the Bigger Pockets Website and Money Podcast

Mindy Jensen is the Community Manager for BiggerPockets.com, and the co-host of the BiggerPockets Money Podcast. She lives in Longmont, Colorado with her husband and their two daughters and they are currently in the middle of their 11th live-in flip. She is ALL OVER BiggerPockets.com, and you can find her on most social media sites under the name @MindyatBP (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).

What You’ll Learn

A few burning questions first:

  • Is Longmont closer to Denver or Boulder?
  • Is Longmont a mountain town?

On this podcast epsidoe:

  • What Longmont, CO is known for and Mindy’s verbal visitor’s guide
  • If you’re wondering, “What’s it like to live there?” Mindy paints a picture of the area and even explains how the weather compares to other areas
  • What there is to do in Longmont, CO today, this weekend or whenever
  • Plus a great insider tip that most people don’t know is available to them and it’s one of the best things to do in Longmont, CO
  • Her own fun and unique bucket list ideas

Is Longmont closer to Denver or Boulder?

Longmont is closer to Boulder. It is 16 miles away. Denver is 37 miles away from Longmont. You can also catch Rocky Mountain National Park 30 miles away from Longmont. Perhaps you can plan to visit all of these places while you visit.

Is Longmont a mountain town?

Longmont, Colorado is not a mountain town. Despite this, it covers about 30 square miles in Boulder and Weld counties along the northern Front Range. According to LongmontColorado.gov, Longmont offers a spectacular vista of the Rocky Mountains. It also has more than 1,500 acres of parks and open space. It boasts more than 300 days of sunshine per year too.

Longmont, Colorado Things to Do

Explore Longmont, a vibrant, welcoming city that invites you to immerse yourself in its historical streets, picturesque parks, and lively markets.

A hidden gem nestled amidst some of America’s most stunning landscapes, Longmont, Colorado offers an array of exciting activities to fill your days with fun and excitement.


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