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Learn How to Plan Your Meals and Unleash Your Inner Chef With My Free Meal Planning Mini Course

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If Lil’ Enthusiast can do it, you can too.

Sometimes the difference between being stuck in a rut. . .

and having a fridge full of wonderful options in a kitchen bursting with aromatic awesomeness. . .

. . .is an “aha moment” when you realize, “Hey, I’ve SO got this!”

It all clicks from a snippet of advice from a TV show, trying a new recipe on Pinterest, or discovering new information that suddenly makes all the dots connect.

Cooking regularly all seems so manageable now.

This is where an enthusiastic teacher like me comes in!

Unleash Your Inner Chef and Save While Doing So

Julia Child said it best:

You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces. Just good food from fresh ingredients.

The food you put into your body should be a top priority. It doesn’t have to cost a lot either. Take that VITAL step of breaking out of your boring “eat-whatever” comfort zone and start owning the heck out of what you put into your mouth. The first step: mastering the meal plan.

If you’re looking to catapult your meal planning skills to the next level, keep reading. I rounded up my best posts to give you a free online mini course. But first. . .some rocking recipes.

Finding easy recipes is an essential element of being an effective meal planner. The art and science of it all involves strategically choosing what to eat on what day, based on what you’ve got available, when you do your shopping, and (maybe) what’s on sale. It’s kind of like Tetris for food.

So here goes:

First off, here’s a full plan for those looking to stay trim:

Here are some bonus finds I’m sure you’ll enjoy, too!

Now, here’s that meal planning mini-course I promised. Enjoy!

1. Make a meal plan template in minutes.

2. Make an efficient grocery list and get healthy food ideas.

3. Meal Plan on Pinterest. Here’s how.

4.  Avoid Food Waste and Get Tips to Skyrocket Your Savings and Quickly Make Mouthwatering Meals

5. Actively look for inexpensive meals that can save you major bank without compromising your health.

Do you have any questions about meal planning? Let me know in the comments!


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