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Money Mantras From the Online Community

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PictureHow do you really get the outcomes you want with your money?

The answer lies within you.
I believe it’s a mindset. Change your mindset and your behavior will follow. Not
only will you put your money where your mouth is. Your mouth will utter a
mantra that will force the universe to set you up to succeed.
After reading a post by Suze Orman on Oprah.com about having a money
mantra, Suze explains how her mantra was “I am young, powerful and
successful, and I make at least $10,000 a month”. Suze tells how most of this
wasn’t true at the time. In essence, she adapted a positive mindset and made her
mantra a self-fufilling prophecy. I felt inspired to create my own. I also invited
others from the online community to do the same. Don’t miss out on their

Here are some of their responses:

Miranda Marquit from www.mirandamarquit.com My money mantra is determine your priorities. Put your money to work for you. Spend according to your values. Cultivate your finances so you can afford to live the life you want. Kelly Whalen from

www.TheCentsibleLife.com My money mantra is “earn more when you can’t cut back. Also, think before you spend.” To me that means thinking about quality and benefits before you purchase. I’d personally rather spend more money on something that is high quality that I use constantly (like my washing machine for instance.)

┬áJessica from www.TheDebtPrincess.com My money mantra is “Know the facts. Educate yourself before making the first move.” We need to encourage everyone but especially parents of the younger generations to know everything they can about personal finance. We need to educate ourselves and then our loved ones about money.

Ellen Rogin from www.ellenrogin.com My money mantra is “I use money as a force for good in the world!” Check out Ellen’s video on the front page of her website. She explains how what you think and say has a major impact on your financial success.

Finally, here’s my own: Have a place for every dollar. Decide in advance what percentage of your income will go where. Check out sites like www.choosetosave.org. Find a place for your money or it will quickly find another place to be. Like anything else, the way you handle money is a choice. Don’t miss out on the wonderful lifestyle you can have by being smart with your money. I am a money saving enthusiast. I am successful and will have the lifestyle I dream of!

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