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Money Reminder: Elephant Sticky Note to the Rescue

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I am currently reading The Money Class by Suze Orman. Suze explains how we should be like an elephant. She explains how an elephant doesn’t get distracted and sticks with it’s course. This is used as an analogy for how we should be with our financial goals. I am someone who has to find a way to apply an idea to my  every day life or else I won’t do it. So I got these sticky notes to serve as my daily reminder to stick to my goals and stay on course like an elephant. I stick it on my to do list. It serves as a visual reminder so I won’t forget what my specific action is for that day regarding my goal. So now I can stay on track and take daily action. I have a  cute little elephant to remind me.  One thing to remember for sure, an elephant never forgets. Happy saving!
Do you have a special trick to stay focused with any goals? Please share.