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Organizing Your Rewards Cards Can Be Rewarding

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I have so many rewards cards they don’t even fit in my wallet anymore. I carry the ones I use the most often and leave the rest at home. The only problem with that is I forget to bring the card when I go to that place. This just happened when I went to see the Muppets and I didn’t have my card. . .again. I could have scored a free soda or popcorn by now. I tried using smaller versions on my key ring but the ignition in my car can only take so much. I was just about to give up on all of my card savings until I came up with this idea.
. Gather all of your rewards cards.

2. Get your drill. Drill holes in the corners of all of them.

3. Get a binder ring and attach all of your cards.

4. Now I can have all of my cards together. I can store the cards I use frequently ie my grocery cards and the cards I use less frequently ie my Build-a-Bear card all together safely on the ring.

5. I stash all of my cards in the glove compartment of my car.

They are easy to find now and I can quickly fan them open like a deck of cards to get the one I need. Do you have a special way that you organize yours cards or wallet? Let me know below.

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