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Discover the Most Underutilized Coupon That Got Me Roughly 50 Percent Off

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money-saving-tipsTime and time again I realize. . .

You are the best money saving tool that you have.

And if you don’t utilize this precious resource the way that you should, you’re most likely losing money.

A little over the top, but . . .

Here’s The Reason You Are the Best Benjamin Keeper

There are are times when you need to shop when you weren’t expecting to do so. You get caught off guard. Maybe you split your pants during a business presentation and have to buy new ones.  Or maybe the Halloween costume you purchased doesn’t fit the way you thought, so you need to get another one. Or perhaps your kid was running in gym class and got injured. Major ouchy!

That’s what happened to my daughter.

Over time you come to expect an occasional cash-depleting curve ball, especially when you have kids. Not a major financial setback but realize that you can’t always coupon in minutes while watching T.V.  (I actually do this during commercial breaks while watching Dr. Oz. Commercials only. Promise. Shh!)

So I had to pay a few unexpected doctor’s bills. That wasn’t so bad. After getting her cast off, my doctor suggested I get her New Balance sneakers because we have to make sure her foot has the support it needs. The moccasins you see everywhere are a big no no with our foot doctor and most likely with foot doctors across the country.

Pretty in pink.

We headed to the store during rush hour and luckily found one pair of sneakers by that name brand. They actually fit and lil’ enthusiast found them attractive. Phew! They weren’t expensive. Forty dollars or so. I looked in another area, a maze of  shoes with flourscent-colored shoes strings strewn about on shelves. None of which were her size. The first pair we found, were in fact, the only New Balance sneakers that fit her in the store. Cinderella wasn’t even that lucky.

But I did notice that the exact same pair in a larger size were only 30 dollars.

Good thing I looked.

Now ask yourself:

Would you ask why the same exact sneaker in a larger size is cheaper?

Really, would ya?

In some situations, you may not even think to ask.

I know that sometimes I’m in a rush, I’m tired. I truly just wanted to go home.

So anyway . . .

You can spend hours looking for deals, going on apps and looking through flyers and hope that everything lines up for you to fork over a little less cash than expected. But in times like these, the best coupon you have is attached to your face. It’s called your mouth. Use it. It works.

After all, it’s always with you and you might as well use it. You don’t need to have an IOS version, Wifi, extra data, scissors or the latest flyer.

It’s with you wherever you go.

How to Get a Discount Without Coupons

Before I explain what I did, ask yourself this:

Do I have cash keeping courage?


If you’re looking to be a smart spender on a regular basis sometimes you have to be creative and use whatever resource you have in the moment.

At least that’s the way I see it.

Here’s exactly what I did:

1. Walked up to the service desk.

2. Explained how the shoes are the same but the price is different. They explained a reason why.

3. Pause.

4. I pushed back on that and explained how that just doesn’t seem right (in a nice but firm voice.)

5. Waited for response. The cashier got a manager and the woman made a price adjustment.

Long story short.  I got the cheaper price. When the cashier asked me for my loyalty card, I gave it to her. It was expired.


I just want to go home with my injured daughter. It was dinner time. I was hungry and I knew we’re going to be in traffic again. Ahh!

Anyway. . .

I gave the store my information again. I probably looked a little put off without knowing it and she gave me another discount. Since the card was expired, it was as if I was a “new” loyalty card holder and I got an additional discount. So the sneakers that would have cost $42.99  were now only $22.76. Yay us!







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