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How to Make Pocket Money Using Task Rabbit

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Discover how to make extra money. Here’s a tutorial showing you how to use TaskRabbit.com. Photo from Flicker via Images of Money

Looking to make some extra cash?

There are a number of tasks that people will readily outsource to those looking to make some pocket money.

This could be a great opportunity for those looking for extra work.

According to a recent Census Bureau report, there has been a steady increase in home-based workers since 1999.

Whether you are looking for opportunities to work from home or just some simple ways to make extra cash, this website may be the site for you.

Here’s How to Make Pocket Money Using Task Rabbit

1. Go to Taskrabbit.com. Take a look at “how the site works” by clicking those very words at the top, right corner.


2. The site will list the different cities where opportunities are currently available.


3. The bottom part of the site will show you the tasks that are popular that month.

4. If you hover over one of the rectangles, it will rate how well the person did the job with stars. There will be comments as well. This helps you get testimonials for more work. It also gives a quick overview of the potential jobs you could be assigned to do.




5. If it is a match for what you want to do, enter you email and sign up. Then click the right bar “Apply to be a TaskRabbit”.


6. You will then land on this page. It will further inform and instruct you.


7. If you scroll down a bit. There are six easy steps to follow.


8. After following the directions, hit the “apply now” button.


9. Complete the sign up with name, zip code, email, and password and then you should be on your way. Make sure to read the terms of service before doing so.


TaskRabbit.com is in select locations. If your area is not listed, you can sign up for notifications if anything changes. Here are other general ways to get a cash-generating side hustles. (It doesn’t matter where you live for these.)

taskrabbit-10 task-rabbit-make-extra-money

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This post may include affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy here.

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