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How to Earn Extra Money Working From Home

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Working from home is gaining popularity.

Whether you want to commute less, have flexibility, spend more time with your children, or you just need a supplemental income, there are opportunities out there for you.

According to Census.gov, an American Community Survey showed the percentage of workers who worked the majority of the work week at home increased from 3.6 % to 4.3 % of the population between 2005 and 2010.

If you are looking for real work from home opportunities beyond just stuffing envelopes, a decent paying job can be just a mouse click away.

I featured one website and show you how to sign up for it. I also include YouTube testimonials and how best-selling author, Tim Ferriss uses it as well.

Here’s the tutorial for how to sign up for Elance to get a job or earn extra money.


1. Go to Elance.com.



2. Type in the kind of work you are looking for in the top search bar. Try to be specific.



3. A variety of jobs will appear with descriptions, hourly rates, and other important information.



4. Click on the blue-colored title to take a better look at the job.


5. You will know how much time you have to apply for the job, how much it pays, and any other important information to help you decide if this could potentially be right for you.


6. There is a more detailed job description below to get more in-depth information regarding the position.




7. If the job is something you are interested in, you can click the green “Submit a Proposal” button. After writing one, you may want to keep it as a template to have on hand when looking for other similar jobs.



8. If you haven’t registered, you have the option to do so after reading about the job. I wanted to peek at the positions first before giving my email away. Sometimes these sites don’t offer the kind of work I want, so I don’t bother giving them my email. I think it’s good to check first.



9. The sign up is straightforward. You click the circle next to the words ” I want to work.” Then push the green “Continue” button.


10. You have to fill out your basic information (name, username, password, etc.).



11. You will have to verify you email. You will also have the option to watch a video (the button towards the bottom). I suggest watching it to get a feel for what you should put on your profile.

The site give you tips to make your profile more attractive to potential clients. If you are going to take the time to fill it out, you might as well make your profile shine as best as you can.

12. Then click the “Start Your Profile” button. This part will take you an hour or so if you don’t readily have your resume together. Be prepared to sit and write about your skills, education, and experience in the best way possible.

Elance also offers tests to prove your skill level. It’s optional but you’re more likely to be hired if you passed a test proving your qualifications. I believe the more time you take setting this up, the easier it will be to find work.



I just signed up (grin). Once I complete my profile and search for jobs, I can let you know how it goes.

Here are some Elance testimonials that were on the news.

Here’s how Tim Ferriss uses Elance.

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