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The Benefits of Appearing on a Podcast Interview

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If you just wrote a book, have an online course, or you’re not promoting anything, in particular, a podcast appearance can work to you’re benefit for many reasons. It can broaden your market by making people aware of you and your brand. It’s an opportunity to showcase your expertise. It can also establish and maintain your credibility as an expert.

Here are some ways that appearing as a podcast guest can work to your advantage.

1. Broaden your market as a podcast guest

If you’re wondering how appearing as a podcast guest can help you, let’s start by understanding what a podcast is. According to Entrepreneur.com, “A podcast is a pre-recorded audio program that’s posted to a website and is made available for download so people can listen to them on personal computers and mobile devices.”

No matter if you’re just starting out or if you’re an experienced professional, getting featured on a podcast can produce ongoing exposure to new audiences. The podcast episode will be accessible on iTunes as soon as it’s published and even years down the road.

Many times the podcaster will own a website where they house all of their episodes for added exposure. They often ask listeners to subscribe to their podcast, e-mail list, and social media platforms too. This helps you get that many more people listening to your message.

2. Showcase your expertise on a podcast interview

Landing an interview on a podcast shows that you’re important enough to be featured as a guest. It shows that you have acquired enough expertise to share information with their audience. You are able to share tips, debunk myths and share other insight to benefit the audience. In showcasing what you know, you can become more of an expert in your line of work.

3. Establish or maintain credibility in your field

If you’re only credible to your colleagues or people in your local area that know you, appearing on a podcast is an excellent PR strategy to expand your reach to others that might not know of you. Media and interviews, in general, can make you appear more credible, but sharing in-depth knowledge is paramount.

When Tim Ferriss was starting out, he planned on promoting his book, The 4 Hour Work Week on TV. He realized that he needed some appearances under his belt in order to get on big TV shows. People didn’t know who he was at the time. He explained how he pitched a news outlet with an opposing view of a soon-to-be-released book in order to show that he made some TV appearances. He did this to build some street cred and it worked.

Appearing on a podcast can work the same way. One interview can lead to a series of other interviews. You can land on bigger shows or earn different types of media appearance such as radio or television.

Once you do land a podcast interview, just be sure to showcase your in-depth knowledge as an expert. Luckily, you have the added advantage of being able to elaborate on those points through the power of a conversation.

The Bottom Line

Appearing as a guest of a podcast can be advantageous for a number of reasons. It can help expand your market, allow you to showcase your expertise all while establishing (or maintaining) your credibility. Think about getting booked as a podcast guest to do all of the above. It might even open the door for other opportunities such as speaking gigs, features in other forms of media or help you sell your products and services.