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Things to Do in Brooklyn, NY & a Few Daring Bucket List Ideas with Brandhyze Stanley

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If you’re visiting NYC and wondering: “Is Brooklyn worth visiting?” or “How do I spend a day in Brooklyn?”, then this podcast episode is for you. Find some free, unique and interesting things to do in Brooklyn. Whether you’re a couple, a family traveling with kids or you’re hanging out with friends, you’re sure to ding something you like.

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Today’s Podcast Guest on Brooklyn Bucket List Ideas

I’m excited to welcome Brandhyze Stanley to the Everyday Bucket List Podcast!

Fun things to Do in Brooklyn, New York
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I chat with actress and website owner Brandhyze Stanley. She is best known for her roles in Blue Bloods, Tell Me a Story and Love to the Rescue.

This former Halle Berry stand-in discusses some fun things to do outside in Brooklyn, NY such as street art, some tourist destinations and other attractions. If you wanted to know how to spend a day out in Brooklyn, what to do for a weekend, what you can do today or how to find a good restaurant, take a listen. She also lets you in on her home town of Michigan City, Indiana, daring bucket list ideas & her latest project to help people make money off of their passion & expertise. 

What You’ll Learn

A few burning questions first and additional ideas:

  • How do I spend the day in Brooklyn?
  • What is Brooklyn best known for?
  • Is Brooklyn worth visiting?

On the podcast episode:

  • Fun things to do outside in Brooklyn, NY such as seeing street art & some other tourist destinations
  • Get ideas for what you can do today and in the future
  • Decide how to spend a day out in Brooklyn or figure out what to do for a weekend
  • The best way to find a good restaurant
  • Plus, find out about some daring bucket list ideas Brandhyze tried
  • Her everyday bucket list favorites
  • How she helps people catapult their success creating courses

How do I spend the day in Brooklyn?

There are a variety of ways to spend a say in Brooklyn, NY. If you’ve never been to the area or just never got around to walking over the Brooklyn Bridge, maybe today is the day.

Whether you stop and take a lot of photos, take in the incredible view of the city or take your time to cross the bridge, this can be an epic check off of your bucket list. It’s also a way to kill a half hour or more, depending on how fast you walk.

Next, think about visiting Brooklyn Bridge Park. It is about a 15 minute walk (according to Google Maps) from the bridge if you want to relax and stop there since it’s not too far away.

If you have additional time, you can find the nearest terminal and get on the Staten Island Ferry for free to see the Statue of Liberty for free.

What is Brooklyn best known for?

Brooklyn, NY is best known for the Brooklyn Bridge. This is a simplified general answer, but this historic landmark is what comes to mind right away. According to to Brooklyn.org, “credit cards, air conditioners, teddy bears and roller coasters are just a few inventions to come out of the borough and spread worldwide.”

Is Brooklyn worth visiting?

If you like cities and culture and history are top priorities, then it is worth it to visit Brooklyn, NY. Get an amazing view of the city from the bridge, check out the art work via graffiti and murals in various spots in this borough. also head consider visiting the Botanic Garden to make it a worthwhile trip.

Resources for Brooklyn, NY Attractions, Places to Stay & More

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  • Learn more about the FILL Method mentioned and how to brainstorm bucket list ideas to enjoy everyday life.

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