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How to Use a Twitter Chat as a Job Lead Generator

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A recruiter can be in a Twitter chat looking for you.

You may be getting some job leads but you’re not finding as many as you like.

You might think it’s your resume but don’t get down on yourself.

Filling out random applications may be to BLAME!

Albert Einstein once said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

I believe this to be true when it comes to looking for a  job. So what can a job seeker do to find career opportunities.

Consider Twitter.

Yes, I wrote Twitter.

Turn Chatter into a Job Lead Generator with a Twitter Chat

Twitter is not just a haven of meaningless hashtags, teenage ramblings, or celebrity outbursts. There are many purposeful chats that are specifically designed for career development. Here are three chats that discuss career-related topics for today’s job seekers, and if you ignore them, you’ll lose out on potential opportunities.

Chat #careerchat
When: Tuesday, 1 PM (EST)

Chat #talentnet
When: Tuesday, 5 PM (EST)

What: For those general seeking career advice  in an effort to gain information and build relationships, check out these two chats. Participants can benefit from learning about a topic through a series of questions asked by the hosts. Those in attendance are normally  job seekers, recruiters, and career experts. Get more information about these chats, from these websites bizme.biz/about/events/ (#careerchat) and  TalentNetLive.com (#talentnet).

Chat: #InternPro
When: Monday, 9 PM (EST)
What: Here young careerists can seek advice about internships and career-related topics. For those seeking entry-level career development, it may be worth your time to chat here. Topics range from how to land internships, learn how to interview, network, and more. Gain access to career development tips and insight to get yourself settled in the world of work. This is where students, recent grads, mentors and experts come together to discuss a variety of topics.

Get more chat information from the website YouTern.com. It has a service that matches interns to relevant internships that correspond with their skill sets and work aspirations. There’s a page to find information about upcoming chats here. On this page of the website, you can also find out about their radio talk show. Experts participate in different episodes with the hosts Q & A style to help inform listeners about different career-related topics such as resumes, internships, and more. There is also information about their Linked-in group.

These chats are all driven for job seekers. Whether you choose to participate or just eavesdrop on the conversation, this can work to your advantage. You are able to see what experts, recruiters and other job seekers discuss. Depending on the size of the chat, they can be fast-paced and a little confusing especially if you are new to them.

If there are many people participating, the feed can move at warp speed. Consider following the chat on tweetchat.com. I personally like to use this website. I find it much easier to follow. Other people have success with tweetgrid.com. I think tweetchat.com is a little more user-friendly.

Other benefits of tweetchat.com:

  • user is able to slow the chat down
  • user is able to feature certain Twitter handles
  • user is able to block certain people to focus on specific tweets
  • user can peek in on prior chats

The Bottom Line
As I said earlier, you may have some leads for a promising career, chatting on Twitter doesn’t guarantee you a job but it will at least point you in the right direction while connecting with others.
It may just be the boost you need.