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8 Bucket List Items You Can Do Almost Anywhere

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I love bucket lists! Can’t you tell? I truly think everyone should have one because life gets too busy and can pass you by.

The biggest drawback that deters people from creating a bucket list is the fact that they may need to travel or spend a lot of money to cross off their items. Want to visit the wall of China or hike up a mountain?

You’d need to add that item to your bucket list, plan carefully, and save up to fulfill the action. What if you could check exciting items off your bucket list right in your hometown or anywhere else in the world?

Here are 8 bucket list items you can do almost anywhere.


1. See a Sunset/Sunrise

A sunset or sunrise is one of the most beautiful scenes in nature though it often gets taken for granted. If you’ve never sat quietly and watched one with full attentiveness, you need to add it to your bucket list.

Make it fun and camp out or have a nice breakfast or dinner on your porch as the sun sets or rises. It’s also a fun way to cut costs and keep your summer bucket list alive.

2. Have a Photo Shoot

Have you ever done a photo shoot? You don’t have to be a model to take some quality inspiring pictures. Hire a photographer or bring a friend along to take candid pictures of you.

You can do this in your local area or even when you’re checking off items on your travel bucket list or exploring new places. 

3. Participate in a walk-a-thon

Practicing for a marathon takes a great deal of time and dedication. It’s not for everyone. A walk-a-thon is a great bucket list item for people who want to  exercise for a good cause. I personally think it’s one of the best bucket list ideas. There are walk-a-thons all over so you’re bound to find one near you that you can sign up for. 

4. Volunteer at an Animal Shelter

If you have a love for animals, make volunteering at an animal shelter a top bucket list item. It can be fun to learn more about your favorite animals and help take care of them.

You’ll also be making an impact especially if your community has a shortage of animal shelter workers or needs help preparing for any hosting an adoption event.



5. Stay Awake For 24 Hours

This can be fun if you haven’t done it already. And no, let’s just say all-nighters in college doesn’t count. Grab some friends on a weekend and plan a bunch of fun and relaxing things you can do to keep you up for an entire day. Spend the night talking, making memories, then watch the sunrise in the morning. You can kill two items off your bucket list that way.

6. Learn a New Language

Thanks to the internet, you can learn a new language without even leaving your home. Sites like Babbel and Lingua provide great resources to help you learn a new language online. You can also sign up classes at a local college.

7. Write Poetry

Writing poetry is not as hard as it sounds and it can be an interesting way to stretch your creativity or capture important moments without taking images or posting to social media.

One of the easiest types of poems you can write is a Japanese haiku. It’s a 3-line poem with seventeen syllables. It’s often written in a 5/7/5 syllable count and tends to focus on images from nature. The word ‘haiku’ represents simplicity, intensity, and directness of expression.

8. Try a New Food

This is a must-have bucket list item for foodies. You don’t have to travel abroad to taste great food. Luckily, you can access new and tasty foods almost anywhere.

Stop by a food truck, buy some street food, or order from a new restaurant. You never know what delicious new finds you’ll come across.

Try not to overthink your bucket list and take advantage of the simple yet fulfilling things you can do anytime and anywhere. Also remember that skydiving or hiking a mountain isn’t for everyone. The ultimate bucket list is one that is customized to your lifestyle and personal interests. If you have trouble getting started or following through on the ideas, discover my step-by-step process in my upcoming book  The Everyday Bucket List Book here.


What’s on your bucket list? What are some ideas you want to tackle ASAP that you can do anywhere?