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Candy Cane Storage Turned Pencil Holder

Wooden Container with Handles Wooden Figure
Tacky Glue
Paint or Markers
Decal (optional)
Estimated cost: $3.00  It’s less if you have glue and paint.
1. Have your child decorate the wooden container and wooden figure as desired using paint or markers.
2. Once the figure is dry, glue it to the wooden container.

3. Decorate the other side to match the theme of your child’s room. After my daughter finished painting, I stuck a princess decal on the back.

I purposely stuck the decal on a minor decoration in my daughter’s room so I could easily switch it out once the princess phase was over. It saves money and time on redecorating too.
4. Once decorated, store your favorite pencils inside. I love making projects like this because it’s one less thing I have to store. Happy crafting!

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