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43 Frugal Presents Including Creative Homemade Gifts

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Read my disclosure policy here.

Gifts in a jar via Stephanie Lynn

A friend said it best:

Gifts are a token of our love, not a measure of it.

Now that the holiday season is upon us, you want to stretch every dollar to get something nice for those on your list.

Affording gifts can be a problem area for your budget.

You don’t have to overspend to get something nice.

To avoid that, I put together a list of frugal gifts so you don’t have to stress.

Here are some ideas to give a nice gift without breaking the bank.

1. Food Recipe Book   
2. Chocolate Covered Popcorn with Movie Tickets  
3. Baked Goods  
4. Chocolate Covered Pretzels with Sprinkles     
5. Biscotti with Tea or Coffee  
6. Beer Tasting Kit- Buy individual Beer at Whole Foods,  put in a Basket with Beer Mugs
7. Pot Holders (Dollar Store) with New Cooking Gadget (TJ Maxx)
8. Muffin Mix with Oven Mits  
9. Spices  
10.Thermos with Hot Chocolate
11. Home Made Trail Mix  
12. Bottle of Wine  
13. Basket of Cheeses with Cheese Grater   
14. Brownie Mix Ingredients in a Jar
15. Leg Warmers
16. Hat
17. Scarf
18. Gloves
19. Socks  

20. T-shirt

Don’t just show Dad how awesome he is on Father’s Day. Do it for the holidays too with this t-shirt.
21. Photo Puzzle  
22. Mug with a Picture on it
23. Special Photo on Mini Canvas with Easel
24. Photo/Graphic T-shirt  
25. Photo Magnet Set  
26. Mini Photo Scrapbook  
27. Soft Bound Photo Book  
28. SD cards
29. Scrapbook 
30. Coasters 
31. Craft Supply Kit  
32. Fancy ipod, iphone case  
34. Gift Card in a Picture Frame  
35. Monogrammed cards (Michael’s Craft Store sells them for a $1)  
36. Museum Membership  
37. Gift Card Towards a Class  
38. Items from School Christmas Fair  
39. Ornaments  
40. Fancy Office Supplies
41. Amazon Giftcard via Facebook
42. Social Media Shirt


43. Thumbs Up: I Like Coffee Mug

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