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Save Money: How to Stretch Swanky Cupcakes


I love cupcakes! I always try to find an excuse to bring them for any occasion. We recently had company over. I purchased swanky cupcakes from out local bakery, recent winner of the Foodnetwork Show, Cupcake Wars. It costs $20 for 8 cupcakes. As a money saving enthusiast, I put my money stretching strategies to work by cutting the cupcakes in half. So I turned 8 treats into 16 treats with half the calories and stretched my hard earned dollars. This also allows people to try more than one flavor without overeating.
Other ways to stretch treats:
1. Serve ice cream on the side of the dessert with sprinkles.
2. Make extra homemade treats to have more to offer for less. I make extra brownies and freeze them just for this reason.
3. Put out a small fondue pot with chocolate or crockpot and have guests dip pretzels, bananas, etc. It looks impressive and doesn’t cost a lot.

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