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You and your children can use your imagination to create fun pictures.
1. Slide Show Feature My kids discovered that the Wii has a really cool feature on it. You can pop in the SD card from your camera and make a slide show. There is a little “door” in the middle of the system. If you open it, there is a place to put your SD card. You have to select “photo channel”. There is a menu that loads. It tells you how many pictures you have. Then you click “OK”. You can scroll down and choose “slide show”.The pictures from the card will randomly be selected and viewed to instrumental music.
2. Decorate Photos with Graphics It was a nice way to reminisce about our summer vacation in the middle of the winter. What a pleasant surprise. You can also enhance photos or “draw” on them for fun in another section. You can choose a picture and then select different colors and tools to decorate the pictures. It doesn’t permanently do anything to the pictures. It is a fun way to have creative expression without the mess. Also, it breaks up marathon videogaming. . .which never happens in my house. Shhh!