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Make Extra Money with Little Effort Using This App

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Check out this app to score extra cash.

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A few weeks ago, a friend told me “I’d like to make extra money but I don’t feel that I have the time.”

That is why I’m excited to share a tutorial about an app I discovered.

Before you start reading, think about the stores you frequent and the areas you visit when shopping.

Then imagine making extra pocket money while visiting the store.

For what?

When you finished reading this tutorial, you’ll get ideas for how to make extra money without disrupting your regular routine.

I’ll also let you in how I set goals to earn extra money and take action.

Make Extra Money with Little Effort Without Disrupting Your Schedule

There are thousands of people earning money while doing things they would normally do. Easy Shift is an app that let’s you make easy money by completing small tasks while visiting the mall, grocery store, coffee shop, or movie theater.

Once you sign up for the Easy Shift app, you can start looking at the different assignments offered.

In map view, you can click on the  orange markers in the area where  you want to work.


This screen will come up. It indicates the name of the store and the assignment.

If you click on the orange arrow, it will give you the address of the store and detailed information about the assignment.

A sample shift may read “For this shift you’ll visit the store at the address listed above to report on conditions of 4 different sports drinks.

It will also give the amount of photos you’ll need to take and the number of questions you’ll need to answer.


You can tap for directions but you will then have to disclose your location.

If you don’t want to do that, you can jot down the address and just get directions on your own.

If you know you are able to complete the assignment in the time frame given, tap the reserve button (the orange button at the bottom of the screen) to accept the job.

You are also able to see assignments in list view.



When I am looking to make extra money,  I ask myself three questions. Here’s exactly what I do:

1.  Why? -Ask yourself why you are doing this. I write down why I want the extra money.

2. What?-Write down what you are doing- I write a specific measurable goal for doing so.

3. When?-Then I write down what I will do to take action within the next 2 days to get the ball rolling.

4. Potential pitfalls– Write down what could go wrong. Research by Gollwitzer and colleagues shows that well-laid plans are more likely to get accomplished. Also, planning for failures along the way helps to stay on task when stressed.


1. Why? I want to make extra money to save for a vacation.

2. What? I will make an extra 50 dollars a week using the Easy Shift app.

3. When? I will download the app and search for jobs within the next 2 days.

4. Potential Pitfall– I may not be able to find work in my area. I will try back daily if this happens.

Research shows that if you don’t act within a 48 hour span, you are not as likely to take action.

 The Bottom Line

The Easy Shift app provides a way for people to make extra money doing small tasks. Get paid to do market research with little effort using this app. Visit stores and other places you frequent in your local area to make money with little effort.

Like it?


Have you used an app that earns you money? Let me know in the comments.




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