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Frugal Living: Be a Couch Potato and Get Tips for Saving Money

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You’ve been cutting back on your spending.

Maybe you’re even doing little things around the house to save money, but it doesn’t seem like enough.

You may be lacking motivation because it just seems too hard.

Don’t give up hope.

Trying to do too much may be HOLDING YOU BACK.

Not any more!

Here are some unconventional tips to continue cutting back without leaving your home (or your couch for that matter).

If you opt not to try this, your wallet may suffer.

Here are tips to save money without leaving your home.

Frugal Living is Easy When You’re a Cost-Cutting Couch Potato

I’ll say it in my most enthusiastic voice . . . I love getting new money-saving tips. However, many people work too hard to get extra savings. People can spend hours keeping track of coupons that they may not even use.

Why go to extremes when you don’t have to? You’re time could be better spent if you stay home and watch TV.


No lie.

Record shows throughout the day that have useful money-saving tips.

Here are three shows I watch:

The Chew

The Rachel Ray Show

The Today Show

Once you record these shows, you can fast forward to the segments about money saving tips and avoid the commercials. It’s that easy!

The Chew

I record the Chew on Fridays. They have Extra Value Friday where they give tips about how to save money on food.

They show you:

  • How to make inexpensive meals with demonstrations by the hosts.
  • You get  the same recipes on their website.
  • They reveal how much it costs per serving to make the meal.

Think of it as a free class in the privacy of your own home.

Rachel Ray

I have seen many types of cost-cutting tips on the Rachel Ray Show too. Many are food-related. She recently had author Sara Moulton on to discuss grocery shopping tips. Ones that I never heard before. The show covers other topics such as saving money on weddings, parties, and even real estate tips.

Try to read the description on the DVR to see if the show contains any money saving tips or preview what’s to come on her website . If it’s not covered any time soon, many of the tips are on the internet. You can see them on Youtube or read about them on RachelRayShow.com.

The Today Show

The Today Show has many segments that discuss deals and money-saving advice on a wide variety of topics. I also record this show. While I’m doing laundry, I let it play in the background. Many times you can go directly to the Today Show website and read an article about what was discussed.

Jean Chatzky is the financial editor of  the Today Show. She discusses ways to save on a regular basis. She also discusses investment and advice about getting out of debt. She even offers a course on her own website on a variety of topics including saving money. It’s called Money School. If you want  a crash course in saving more, it’s EXTREMELY affordable. Each course she offers is only $50.


Have you ever heard some great tips but then couldn’t remember the information?

Once you gain more insight from your newly learned tips, find a place to store them. At times, I struggle with simply finding the time and place to organize all of my money saving tips. If you are watching the show, type them into a Google or Word document.  You can also copy and paste the website links to Evernote, bookmark them, or organize them on Pinterest boards . This will make the tips easy to reference later.


Where do you find money-saving tips? Comment below.

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