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Money Saving Fitness Challenge: Get Your Free Workout On ~ Day 2

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frugal-living-fitness-challenge-2Okay. It’s day two of the money-saving fitness challenge, Enthusiasts!

Do you need an encouraging, fun workout today?

Well, here it is.

I must admit that my muscles do feel sore from yesterday’s workout.

For this reason, I purposely planned a walking video with Leslie Sansone for today.

If you need a standby video to incorporate into your regular workout rotation, this is perfect for that.

Money-Saving Workouts That Will Make Your Bank Account Smile

She’s pushing me over my time limit a bit. I’m shooting for 30 minute videos. This one is 45 minutes. I’ll let Leslie slide today. She is on Exercise TV and everything so she has a pass today.

What can I say? Be prepared for mucho walking, taking steps side by side, little kicks, knee lifts and easy steps. It isn’t choreographed with dance moves. This  is a guy friendly workout too. . . so dudes, don’t be shy.

I like the instrumental music in the background. I think it has a slight eighties vibe.  If you somehow get off track, I think it’s pretty safe to walk in place. I don’t think Leslie would mind if I said that.; ) Shhhh! This is a good workout especially for those who have to start slowly or need to feel as if their workout day has to be easy or it’s not going to happen.

If you haven’t exercised for some time or have health concerns, than you should check with your doctor before committing to any routine. I’m not an exercise expert but I am following the recommendations for myself on SuperTracker.usda.gov to get guidance.

Here’s a preview:


Click here for the video.
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