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Motivation Time Tuesday: Unlock the Savings Vault While Shopping

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save-money-holiday-shoppingYou’re already getting deals while  shopping.

You did your homework by scouring the circulars.

Maybe you even shopped on black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Kudos to you!

But for some reason, you’re not gaining as many as you’d like.

Don’t get too discouraged yet . . .

The check out might be HOLDING you back.

There are key ways to generate get more for you money, if you ignore them, you’ll miss out on the savings you deserve.

How Two Key Apps Can Unlock the Savings Vault

Thomas Edison said it best:

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is  always to try just one more time.

I’ll confess. I love money saving apps. Maybe to an inappropriate degree. However, the reality is, most people don’t have time to search for the perfect apps which LOSES them valuable savings and rewards.

They don’t even have time to use the ones they have. According to USA Today, consumers ignore most apps on their smart phones. This is a big mistake! There’s a simple solution for it. You’ll be flabberghasted at how well it works.

More specifically, here’s exactly what I do:

1. Red is the new cheap.

After setting a spending limit prior to shopping, I search for the best deals in the price range I am shooting for. The set limit serves as a guardrail to prevent overspending in the moment. It also helps me have a price point in my head to stay on budget while shopping.

Many people are familiar with the app Red Laser. The scan on start up feature is back in action in the latest version. It also syncs better with your loyalty cards and the new design rocks. It’s a superb app. Plan to use it  for comparison shopping before or during your shopping trip. you’ll be happy you did.

2. Scour for promo codes.

I look for promo codes on sites like Retail Me Not to see if I can get additional savings. Sometimes you can’t combine offers so be aware of that before checking out. I find it’s easier to back track by shopping online. You have the home field advantage bring on your own turf.

You can dodge any potential embarrassment if you have to put an item back.You will also avoid lines, crowds, and the psychological marketing tricks that are played on your in retail stores such as enticing fragrances and cheerful holiday music.

3. Apply extra savings at check out.

When I’m shopping, I feel like it’s hard enough to keep track of the people on my list and the deals I’m looking for, never mind the credit card promotions. It can be overwhelming to remember it all. There’s only so much I can keep track of in my head. Now there’s a simple fix for this problem.

It’s the Pick2Pay app. It quickly compares available rewards for purchases made. It helps you decide what card to use when checking out to ensure that you get the types of rewards you are looking for at the time they are available. You can get more card cash, points, or ecertificates. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the app before shopping so you will readily be able to maximize your savings at the check out. So when you find it hard to shop for that picky person on your list, at least you’ll be rewarded in the end.

Get the free app here.


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This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy here.