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5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Those Who Are Hard to Shop For

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holiday-gift-ideasAre you stumped when it comes to buying gifts for certain people on your list?

Getting a present for someone who has everything. . .

or is just a finicky person can be a real PAIN.

To avoid unnecessary stress, consider shopping early to get your creative gift buying juices flowing.

Take the time to think about this person’s interests and hobbies to figure out what they would find useful.

If you are still having buyer’s block, here are some holiday gift ideas that may help:

1. Here’s a functional gift that allows you to see your favorite Instagram photos. Brighten up someone’s tedious work days and take all the photo goodness from Instagram and share it as a customized gift in the form of a mouse pad. An ideal way to add a personal touch to a work space. Zazzle allows you to to do that  here.

Don’t just leave those pics floating out there on Instagram. Package them up pretty on a mouse pad.

2. If you are still having trouble choosing a gift for that picky sports fan on your list, why not try to get them tickets to a game or get them a shirt that has to do with their favorite team or sport. If you aren’t sure of what shirts they currently own, play it safe with a graphic that just shows  enthusiasm for the sport (pictured below). You wouldn’t want to unknowingly buy them something they already have. It also comes in handy for  bandwagon fans. ; )

This shirt can be given to any football enthusiast.

3. If your sports fan comes in  pint size form of a kid that has everything, why not get them a personalized watch. As a teacher, I know that kids don’t have enough experience telling time on an analog clock since we rely heavily on the digital versions. This watch shows the standard hours but also has the minutes that have passed to make learning and remember time effortless.

You should check it out here.


4.  Is there anything better than a vintage monopoly money travel bag? I think not. It’s a functional gift made in the good ol’ U.S.A. Kansas City, Missouri to be exact. It’s a 9″ X 6″, water resistant bag perfect for carrying cosmetics, toiletries, and more. You can even fit an ereader inside. Take a peek at it here.

cyber monday: accessory-bag
The perfect vintage bag for board game enthusiasts.

5. Give the gift of a foreign language. Rocket Spanish is a useful gift  with a mission in mind–to learn Spanish. Catapult the recipient’s language skills with a  course backed with scientific research to support it’s effectiveness.

Since teaching English to English Language Learners in a school setting, I understand the importance of the “chunking” technique used in this course. It breaks down difficult content into bite size chunks that are easy to remember.  I gave this course a test drive and found it very helpful. It gave me hope that I could get a better handle on the language since taking courses in high school.

there are many sample scenarios for conversational Spanish. The vocabulary used from prior lessons is sequentially woven into other lessons so you retain and use the vocabulary that you just learned. Repetition is VITAL for remembering a new language.

I know this from teaching and experiencing it first hand living in Spain, a country where I didn’t know the language.  Even though you pick up vocabulary in a sink or swim fashion, functioning like a 5 year old can be frustrating, embarrassing at times, and a little scary. I wish I had something like this before I went away. Most of the Spanish I learned was strictly academic. Anyway, if you have a finicky recipient on your list or someone who has everything, consider getting them a Spanish course.

Check out Rocket Spanish here.

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