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Make Meal Planning Easy with the Meal Board App

Making a weekly meal plan can be tough. Especially if there are fussy eaters thrown in the mix. Deciding what to make, looking through recipes, and making a shopping list can be so much work. Forget about actually bringing the groceries home and making the meals. So instead of  slaving over a hot dry erase

Motivation Time Tuesday: Unlock the Savings Vault While Shopping

You’re already getting deals while  shopping. You did your homework by scouring the circulars. Maybe you even shopped on black Friday or Cyber Monday. Kudos to you! But for some reason, you’re not gaining as many as you’d like. Don’t get too discouraged yet . . . The check out might be HOLDING you back.

Do You Have an Appetite for Debt-struction?

If your finances were a song, would Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N’ Roses be a fitting title? Well, you’re not alone. There’s all this hype about getting out of debt. And, why not? People should. It can straighten out your financial situation and improve your well being. So what do smart, busy people

Find My Money App

I installed this app for free. The user is able to find out if the U.S. government is holding money in their name. The user has to type in their Last Name or Business Name. First name is optional. Make sure the name is spelled correctly. Hit the return key when you are finished. The