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Motivation Time Tueday: 3 Ways Sorting Paper Clutter Can Save You Money

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save-money-sorting-paperAsk yourself this:

Is the paper in your house totally organized?

There’s probably a few stacks here and there . . .

Or maybe a file or two that needs to be updates.

Sound familiar?

This can be a problem.


3 Ways to Combat Paper Clutter and Save by Sorting

Did you know that fixing your paper pile issues can indirectly save you money? If you’ve ever struggled to keep the paper that enters your house, then this post is for you. Discover how sorting can keep money in your pocket.


1. Sorting can equal savings.

I’m taking on extra work and I have to get a TB test. I got one a few years back for a volunteer position. I didn’t get the test through my primary doctor so I couldn’t recall where to track down the records.

After randomly going through an old stack of papers I’ve been meaning to sort for a long time, I found some syllabi from former classes, some of my kids random school work and some medical papers.

Later that day, I realized I had to track down where I got my TB shot. I remembered what the inside of the office looked like but couldn’t place the name of he place or the location. I definitely didn’t want to get another shot if I didn’t have to.

However, I did remember coming across some papers while sorting. I double-checked a stack I recently went through. Although the paper had nothing to do with my TB shot, I remembered that this was the same place that administered the test.

I had the name of the building and the phone number right in front of me on the paper. Woohoo! This saved me time since I didn’t have to scour the internet looking for random labs in the area that I may or may not have gone to.  I also didn’t have to get another shot. That equals 15 dollars and some gas money I didn’t have to spend. You too might be able to come across something that stops you from spending money unecessarily.


2. Make a deal with yourself to open the mail.

Did you ever think that sorting snail mail could you save money? If you don’t open your mail, it can cost you. Be sure to check and see if there are any bills. Paying bills through bill pay makes things super simple, but at times, there are bills we need to pay that still come in the form of thinly sliced trees in our mail boxes.

If you somehow misplace a bill or don’t open your mail in a timely fashion, you can incur late fees and perhaps, have to pay interest on something if you miss the deadline. So if you’re not actively opening your mail, you could be losing money. So be sure to make it a habit to check the mail every day.



3. RSVP when it comes to your mail.

After opening the mail, make sure you have a set routine that allows you to handle the papers. I call mine the RSVP Method. The “R’ stands for recycle. Recycle stuff that you don’t need right immediately.

The “S” stands for shred. Shred sensitive material. Obviously we know that people can do major damage in the money department and perhaps, ruin your credit if they get any personal information.

The V stands for VIP. Treat the important papers as very important papers. Don’t just leave them on the counter or in a big pile. Make sure they have a set place to be or they will easily get misplaced. I like to use my paper organizer.

Lastly, “P” stand s for place. Place anything that need attending to in a set location. I also like to have folders for items I need to follow up on and for financial papers.

Be sure you make it a routine to check your mail daily and open all of the mail. I like to go through it at night. I can recycle pamphlets I don’t need and attend to important papers.  I even learned how to start couponing while watching television. That would be during commercials, of course.

The Bottom Line

A few organizational tips can go a long way to save you money. Make sorting papers a routine to keep cash in your wallet. Declutter files and piles of paper on a regular basis to be more organized. This will indirectly help you from spending money unnecessarily. Be sure to check your mail daily. Put paper in it’s place by recycling, shredding and filing it properly. You may just find something you didn’t even know you needed. Who knows, maybe you’ll even find dollar bills you misplaced.

I’d love to hear how handling paper has saved you money. Be as specific as you can in the comments.

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