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How to Make DIY Ecards: Use Picmonkey's Free Online Photo Editor

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photo-editing-free-online-11The benefits of sending an ecard are straightforward:

  • Many are FREE to send.
  • You can send digital media instead of paper.
  • They’re eco-friendly.
  • The sender can easily email the card to the recipient via email.

The questions is, “How do I make my own ecard to send the sweetest sentiments, get big smiles, and add a personal touch?”

 Here’s a DIY Ecard Solution

Throughout the year I send ecards that I make myself. While some people think I have some special talent, I can say this:

Discovering a way to send a heart warming message is NOT rocket science.

I’m happy to show you my DIY Ecard Solution.

1. Go to Picmonkey.com and select “create a collage.”



2. Then select the second icon down on the left (see arrow). If you hover over it, it’s called “layouts.”



3. Then choose “cards”.



4.  You are then able to choose what you want the layout to look like. I chose the third one from the left.



5. Then pick the tags icon at the bottom that is called “swatches.”  There you can choose digital fabric swatches to add to your card.



6. Click on the one you want and drag it over to where you want to place it. You can move it later if do not like  where you put it.

7. Once you finish adding all the photos that you like, save it. The button is above the card.


8. Then upload  that photo you just saved in “edit a photo.”

9. Add text to the card. Click the “T” to add text.

10. Click the font that you like then click the box “add text.” A box will appear on the screen. Type your message inside.

Update: The “T” button use to be a “P”.











11. A box will pop up. You can change the color of the text there.









12. The bottom left icon always has seasonal themed items to add to your photo. I added a bunch of hearts all over the photo.







13. I switched to a different font and show you how in the next photos below.

















14. Once you are finished, you can save your photo and then share it.







15.  Type a message underneath. Then select how you want to share it and then hit the “do it” button.








Do you have a favorite site to make or send e-cards? Let me know in the comments.