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Do You Have an Appetite for Debt-struction?

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debt-appIf your finances were a song, would Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N’ Roses be a fitting title?

Well, you’re not alone.

There’s all this hype about getting out of debt.

And, why not? People should.

It can straighten out your financial situation and improve your well being.

So what do smart, busy people do to help the process?

All they need is just a little patience and . . .

an app to help keep track.

Sweet App O’ Mine

Today we have the personal finance writer from The Debt Myth who invented an app for getting out of debt. She is here to share information about the Pay Off Debt App.

Me: Introduce yourself and tell all the readers about your app.

Beck:  I’m Jackie Beck, creator of Pay Off Debt — an app that’s helped tens of thousands of people use the debt snowball method to pay off debt. I’ve been writing about personal finance and goals since 2006. I started The Debt Myth website because I’m passionate about debt freedom and helping others learn to love their financial life. I’m totally an entrepreneur, and personal finance is one of my biggest interests. (Along with creating art, go figure.)

Me: Tell us about your app. How did you come up with the idea?

Beck: After going through a period of unemployment, finding a part-time job gave me the perfect opportunity to pay off my student loan. I felt great when that was gone, and wanted to help others do the same. Then the iPhone came out, and I realized it could provide an awesome advantage. By creating an app for it, folks could have a tool right in their hand that would literally provide a tactile connection to their debt pay off progress. So I created the Pay Off Debt app to do just that. It keeps you motivated — even its little PAID icon is encouraging.  I got it into the app store at the right time, just days after a similarly-themed app, and so it quickly became one of the top financial apps. Now, it’s available for both iPhone and iPad.

Me: That’s exciting! What did you like best about making an app?

Beck: One of the best things about creating the app has been hearing feedback like this:

“The greatest thing since Total Money Make Over. I absolutely love this app! It helps me stay motivated to keep that snowball rolling! AND instead of trying to come up with the words to explain it to my husband, this app did it for me. He is 100% on board with dumping debt now!”
-Steph, customer

Getting out of debt is all about changing your mindset, and that takes motivation & determination. It also helps immensely to have buy-in from other important people in your life, so the idea that my little app is out there helping with all that is awesome.

People need to know that they can break free of the debt myth, which is the idea that you need debt to get the things you want in life. You don’t need debt. You need money. And you’ll have a heck of a lot more of that when you aren’t sending it to the credit card companies.

Where Do We Go Now?

Me: How wonderful! Where can people get more information about the app?

You can get it from iTunes by going to:
https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pay-off-debt/ Or read more about it at:

Me: Thank you for your time and for being such a great inventor.

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