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25+ Affordable Bucket List Ideas & Things to Do on Summer Vacation

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Summer vacation is around the corner! This podcast episode explores a variety of classic bucket list ideas to enjoy this summer. It also highlights affordable beach vacations on the East Coast of the USA and other fun things to do no matter where you live. Whether you prefer to stay close to home or travel far away, you’ll surely find an idea that resonates.

Reignite Your Summer Adventures: Classic Bucket List Ideas

[00:01:22] Today, I’m re-airing snippets of past episodes that either make sense for this time of year, or they were super popular, or both. It lets new listeners sample ideas from past episodes and allows current team bucket list listeners to relive past tips that may have fallen off the radar. 

It makes things timely and keeps things top of mind without having to scroll through the archives. And, if you like some of the tips, you could even go back and listen to the full episode.

[00:01:58] So I cobbled these together, and that’s what’s on the agenda today. Just to give you a quick overview. I’m going to be sharing snippets from 25 classic bucket list ideas to do in the summer. 

Also, five solid bucket list ideas to try in everyday life and the last snippet is five examples of hobbies to explore locally or when traveling. If you like this, I might just loop in an episode like this regularly. 

Stay tuned. First up is episode 59. We’re going to revisit 25 classic bucket list things to do in the summer for fun. Remember those long, lazy summers where every day held the promise of a new adventure?

[00:02:48] That’s the spirit we’re channeling on this episode, where I take you on a journey to rediscover the joy of summer. From the sandy serenity of East Coast beaches to the sweet tradition of making s’mores under the stars. 

We’re exploring all the ways to fill your sunny days with excitement and your nights with wonder. And if you’re wondering if I accomplished the idea that begins with a Y, I haven’t yet. And maybe that will happen this summer.

Unlock Endless Summer Fun: Master the Art of Affordable East Coast Summer Vacation Ideas in the USA

[00:03:17] So maybe you could figure out what I’m talking about and jump into this episode. ​If you haven’t already booked up your whole summer and you need some things to do, check out this list of 25 must-do bucket list items.

[00:03:31] Plus, I’ll inject a recent bucket list adventure that has been on my list forever. Whether you’re looking for a new challenge or want to revisit some old classics, I’ve got you covered with this list. It has something for everyone. With this in mind, I’m sure that completing any of these ideas can give you a sense of satisfaction and joy.

[00:03:50] So number one, why not go to the beach? Whether you revisit the same one every season, you just want to make sure that you go. Or you can check out a different beach this year. If you don’t have one in your area, maybe you fly somewhere for an inexpensive vacation. I think it’s one of those must-do things in the summer.

[00:04:08] It’s a great place to relax, walk around, put your feet in the sand, and collect shells. I recently looked up a list of beaches that are on the East Coast of the United States. 

I’m looking to explore an area that’s not too far away. There’s a great list of very affordable beaches. And the title of the article is 10 cheap East Coast beach vacations.

Discover Hidden Coastal Gems: Affordable Beach Summer Vacation Ideas for Adults and Families

[00:04:28] So whether you want to go all the way to Florida, there’s something called Pompano Beach, and it’s actually near Palm Beach in Miami, but it’s a less expensive family getaway. 

There are three miles of beach. You can have a picnic. There’s actually an outdoor gym, a children’s fountain, and a playground. So there is a little bit for everyone.

[00:04:48] And we’ve all heard of Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. That’s a fun spot to visit. There’s also, I believe it’s pronounced Wareham, Massachusetts. It’s near the Cape, but it’s more affordable than actually being on the Cape. It’s a spot where you can build sandcastles on the shore of Buzzards Bay at Onset Beach.

[00:05:06] And it’s a historic Victorian community. So if you like the way those houses look. It’s a fun place to shop and poke around the area. If you go in the fall, you can see a cranberry bog. You can get a tour. There’s also what looks like a more low-key spot in Delaware. It’s a popular family destination.

[00:05:25] There’s no entrance fee. There’s a two-mile boardwalk. You can stroll up and down. People watch. There’s tax-free shopping, and like many boardwalks, it’s like a carnival-style thing, where there are rides and restaurants, and it’s a lot of fun, and the beach is usually right there. It’s in Rehoboth, Delaware. We have a whole episode about Rehoboth, Delaware. That’s number 60.

[00:05:46] There are many other places mentioned that are sprinkled along the East Coast throughout the United States. They also mention Hampton Beach in New Hampshire, and Algonquin, Maine. I believe it’s called Tybee Island in Georgia, Cocoa Beach in Florida, and also Carolina Beach in North Carolina. 

If you’re in another country, maybe you seek out a beach your way. And I love to find hidden gems. So if you want to take a peek at that article, I’ll you can get more information. 

Discover the Sweet Treats of Summer and Relaxing Picnics 

And another thing I think of in summertime is ice cream. So whether it’s that ice cream shop that you absolutely love and you want to go back to, maybe this year you try a different flavor, or maybe every time you go back, you try, um, another flavor.

[00:06:25] Maybe you try the whole menu, depending on how much ice cream you like to have. Or maybe you visit a bunch of different ice cream shops in your area. 

I did that one summer in my own state. That could be a lot of fun. You could even make ice cream if you know how to do that, or just look up a recipe. That could be a fun thing to try.

[00:06:40] And also, when you think of summer, you think of picnics, get a little basket, throw in things that maybe you would put on a charcuterie board, like some olives and cheese and wine. 

That would be nice to just sit outside and eat. It’s always a fun time. Have different people bring things. Or maybe there’s one person who just has all the great stuff that could be very enjoyable.

Unlock the Joy of Summer: Discover Fun and Relaxing Activities for the Season

[00:07:01] Also, go camping, and swim, whether it’s an ocean, lake, or pool. I don’t feel right if I don’t go to a pool in the summertime. That was something I always did as a kid. 

So to me, it doesn’t officially feel like summer if I don’t get to do that. And another thing that we may overlook is picking fruit. It’s so much fun and I think of that as relaxing as well.

[00:07:21] Whether it’s strawberries, raspberries, or blueberries, you can also pick peaches. It depends on your area and what is available depending on the weather. And that could be a lot of fun. 

Many times they have recipes that are very simple and you can make things at home. If all else fails, you can always make a smoothie.

[00:07:37] And there’s nothing like having some fresh fruit. And another classic simple thing to do is to make s’mores, you know, just those marshmallows and chocolate and graham crackers. There are always other unique recipes. If you want to switch it up a little bit, you could try to go on Pinterest or just look on the internet.

[00:07:52] If you want to have some alternative options. And another thing when you think of summer is going to an amusement park. In the last episode, we covered a bunch of affordable options that, you know, if you think Disney is just a little too much and it’s getting a little too pricey, there are other places you can visit. That was episode fifty-eight.

Experience the Thrill: Enjoy Summer with Local Baseball Games

[00:08:14] Another option is to see a baseball game. Whether it’s just local sports in your town, or if you have a minor league team or a major league team, I think that’s an epic summer thing to do. It’s just fun to be outside, root for the team, talk to people and get some ballpark food. If you’re in an area where there are other things to do, that’s fun as well.

[00:08:34] I know. Uh, I was trying to go to Yankee Stadium last year and that fell through. I ended up getting sick, but my husband and I didn’t know, there’s actually a train that has a stop exactly at Yankee Stadium. And I didn’t even know that existed. I’m embarrassed. I live in Connecticut.

[00:08:49] New York is only two hours away. I literally thought I was going to have to get off and navigate the subways. I don’t know my way around the Bronx. It’s nice that we found this out. And you just have to make sure I believe it’s called the Yankee Clipper, but it’s something to investigate. If you want to hop on a train versus, like I said, the subway or a car, I’m not big on driving around New York.

[00:09:08] Some people are fine with it, but, um, I like the idea of just getting off. And when the game is over, the train is still available for people to hop back on. And like I said, I would be going back to Connecticut. but it would have stops in other parts of New York if you want that option. Be sure to research the Yankee Clipper train in advance.

[00:09:28] It’s only available at certain times, and like anything, it could be subject to change, so make sure you get all the details. 

Unleash Your Inner Child: More Classic Summer Fun

And another simple idea is to look for fireflies. I believe these are also called lightning bugs. I remember we used to catch them in a bottle. It was so much fun. Even if you just see them at night, that could be very exciting.

[00:09:47] You just have to know where to go and where they like to hang out. Another great thing when I think of the summer is making tie-dye t-shirts. I know when my daughter played volleyball, it was like a team bonding thing where they all made t-shirts in somebody’s [00:10:00] backyard, and tie-dye can be a lot of fun.

[00:10:02] If you have the patience to put all those rubber bands on the shirt and get involved with all the dye and everything like that, obviously you want to do that. 

Outside, so you don’t have to worry about the mess it’s going to make, but that is a lot of fun and you have something to wear. Another everyday thing that is a lot of fun to do in the summer is to go biking or even hiking, camping, all those outdoor things.

[00:10:24] You get exercise, you connect with nature. It’s a lot of fun. One idea that I’ve mentioned before that maybe you want to get a jump on early in the season is to try to visit a drive-in. 

I mentioned this before. I think every single time we’ve tried to go, it was like later in the summer, and then you run out of options, and then you What day are you available?

[00:10:43] What is the availability of the drive-in? It’s more limited if you look later, but I’m just starting to see the range in my area. You know, some drive-ins will have classic kid movies. 

Like Frozen or Monsters Inc. And, it is like a family fun night, but then some places have other types of movies, like classics, like Grease, or you could even see a new movie.

[00:11:06] And, I think you pay. Probably the same movie, right? They’re all different. Sometimes you pay per car. I believe you might even have to pay per person, different places will charge differently, but I believe the newer movies, you’re going to pay a bigger price and it will be so cool to see Tom Cruise’s new movie at the drive-in.

[00:11:22] And, I know we also have Star Wars coming up when you think about it. I was lucky to see that when it first came out at the movie theater. But to also see it at home and then you get to see it at the drive-in. I’m like, okay, this would be another cool thing to do.

Discover Bucket List Ideas: Transform Your Everyday Life with Unique Dining Experiences

[00:13:28] We’re moving on to the next episode that we want to highlight. five solid bucket list ideas to try in everyday life. If you feel like you’re in a little rut or you’re trying to come up with something different to do, Rich and I are here to help. That is episode 63.

[00:13:44] We think instead of following your heart, you should follow your stomach and have a restaurant bucket list or even one that pertains to food. I know I like to visit restaurants where there are famous chefs. We just recently had an episode about Harlem, That is episode 61. and we mentioned Marcus Samuelson, who has the Red Rooster there.

[00:14:06] And he even has uh, restaurants in other places, I believe in Newark, New Jersey, the Bahamas. He has restaurants all over the world. New York, Miami, Vegas, Newark, Canada, Scandinavia, Sweden, Finland. The Bahamas and he even has a place at Yankee Stadium. They also have stuff delivered to your home through Gold Belly.

[00:14:27] So that is super exciting. I haven’t visited yet, but I love scouting out places like that. So whether you’re in an area like Vegas, Boston, New York, or other states that have these types of restaurants, That could be a cool thing to check out. I know Bobby Flay, Giada, Guy are just some big names out there that people like to visit.

[00:14:50] I’m fortunate that Bobby’s Burger Palace is in Connecticut, but there are other locations throughout the U. S. And he also has a fancier [00:15:00] restaurant called Bar Americain. I believe that’s how it’s pronounced. It’s a fancier restaurant. So, I guess it makes sense to have a fancier word for the restaurant.

Discover the Trailblazers: Women-Owned Restaurants in the U.S. and Beyond

[00:15:10] And, uh, Giada, has been a trailblazer because she’s the first woman to have restaurants in Vegas. Also, check the podcast description. I’m going to include a bunch of women-owned businesses, and restaurants that are all over the U. S., some are in other countries. 

Nancy Silverton, Barbara Lynch. Susan Feniger, Monique Chachouan, I believe that’s how you say it. There’s Renee Erickson, and Paola Velez, who has Bakers Against Racism. It’s actually an international bake sale pop-up. 

Explore Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives: A Food Journey Across the U.S.

Also, Guy is a favorite. We have Guy’s Kitchen and Bar in Connecticut as well. So we’re cheating a little bit. We’re fortunate that there are these types of restaurants close by. But we’ve also been able to follow his diners, drive-ins, and dives, which are located all across the U.S.

[00:15:57] So maybe if there’s a special [00:16:00] location in your area, he has been there. So you can even look into their recommendations. We were able to go to a diner in Middletown, Connecticut, which was great. It’s a works diner. Many of the items on the menu have a strong Irish influence. And I probably would not have gone there otherwise.

Relive Your Travel Adventures: How Keeping a Travel Journal Enhances Your Experiences

[00:16:18] Next up, I want to share episode 80. It’s called Five Examples of Hobbies to Explore Locally or When Traveling. Unlock the secrets to a richer, stress-free life as we journey through the world of simple yet utterly fulfilling hobbies. Switch up your daily grind with these activities. Then we’ll shift our focus to hobbies that don’t just entertain but also enrich.

[00:16:47] Sit back and allow these everyday bucket list ideas to inspire your next adventure, wrapped up in stories and tips that resonate with novices and seasoned hobbyists alike. 

[00:16:59] Keep a journal. Keeping a journal can be an awesome way to reflect on your experiences and document your thoughts and feelings both at home and while traveling. I know when I go away, I always think I’m going to remember the name of the restaurant, the street, how I felt, and why I like this place.

[00:17:17] Would I go back mentioning anything where I went first just to kind of paint a picture? And look back and go, wow, that was fun. I remember that. And it’s a way to kind of process your emotions. I visited the Drew Barrymore show back in January of 2023. I liked that show and the co-host on there, Ross Matthews.

[00:17:37] One time he said he can’t process his emotions unless he listens to Adele’s songs, which I thought was really cute. Sometimes we take for granted that it is important to process your feelings. Journaling is one way to do that. You’re writing down your thoughts and feelings and it’s just A way to be in touch with yourself.

[00:17:55] Also with journaling, it improves your memory. Writing about your experiences can help you later figure out those details that otherwise you may have forgotten about. It provides a record of your trip. It supports mindfulness if you’re into that and it boosts your creativity, right? 

How a Travel Journal Enhances Your Travel Experience

Speaking of journaling, I was chatting with Teaspoon of Adventure on Twitter and she’s at TSP Adventure.

[00:18:19] And she gave out a travel tip to keep a travel journal and emphasized how it was so important. So you can walk down memory lane, et cetera. She’s an exciting person to follow. She travels extensively. She is out of Canada and she has a lot of great tips on Twitter and her blog and another Twitter user.

[00:18:38] At Plan to Leave chimed in on the thread saying that they recently discovered a journal from a trip abroad from like 1998. And it was such a joy to recall those little details and, you know, look back at how this person fell hopelessly in love with travel on every page that they read. So it really can be such a keepsake. 

[00:20:04] We have arrived at our destination. You can unfasten your seatbelts and we’ll see you next time for another episode of Of the Everyday Bucket List podcast. Bye! 

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