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7 Bucket List Ideas for Couples

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Feel like you don’t spend enough time with your partner? It’s so easy to skip out on much-needed time together due to busy schedules and the daily grind.

If you’re having a hard time planning dates or just want to spice up your adventures together, consider creating a couple’s bucket list of fun activities you can enjoy with each other.

Here are a few ideas to get you started!

1. Stay at a Romantic Resort

When was the last time you took off and stayed at a nice resort for a week? If your answer is never, you definitely want to add a romantic getaway to your bucket list.

The best way to pull it off is by choosing a destination you’ll love then booking your stay at an all-inclusive resort. All-inclusive resorts are great because your stay, food and drinks, and on-site amenities and activities are all included in one base price.

That way, you can enjoy a romantic trip at an exotic location without stressing out over all the extra costs.


2. Best Weekend Getaways

If going away for a whole week isn’t possible, see if you can escape for a weekend. Stay at an inn or a fancy hotel in. Many hotels offer spa packages that include a couples massage. A few days away is better than not going away at all. It can be just what you need to take a break and reconnect as a couple.

3. Long Weekend Getaways

If the weekend isn’t long enough, you can always try to look into a long weekend getaways that are attached to a holiday if you wanted to squeak one more day out of the trip or request an extra day off of work.

Plan a long weekend couple’s retreat. Every couple deserves a weekend getaways every now and then. Plan a fun retreat for just the two of you. You can book a room at a couple’s resort and receive some spa services like a couples massage.

If you’re looking for a unique experience, consider glamping (a glamorous form of camping) and book your stay at one of the cool accommodations mentioned on Glamping.com.

You can also plan to attend a couple’s retreat event and hang out with other couples while attending some inspiring workshops for a day or two.

4. Find Romantic Places in Ordinary Spaces

Turn to the interwebs and search “romantic places near me” if you know you need to stay close by. You might be surprised at what you find. My husband and I visited a hotel in a pretty area a few towns over that had a fireplace, pool, sauna, restaurant, fitness area and an awesome restaurant.

If you live near a beach, try to watch the sunset. Plan a picnic at a local park. I plan on picnicking in Central Park with my husband at some point. If you’re both movie lovers, maybe you can even take in an IMAX movie, see a classic on the big screen or try to a locate a Drive-in that’s still intact for a cool outdoor venue.

5. Swim With Dolphins

Whether it’s always been a dream of yours or just sounds like a fun experience, swimming with dolphins would make a great addition to your couples bucket list. Dolphins are intelligent fun-loving creatures and you have a few options if you want to book an encounter experience.

Most cruise lines that travel throughout the Caribbean may offer dolphin encounter excursions that you and your partner can attend. You can also try Discovery Cove in Orlando, Florida, Dolphin Quest in Bermuda or Hawaii, or Dolphinaris in Cancun Mexico.


6. Outdoorsy Date

Getting outdoors with your partner can be pretty fun and relaxing. Plus, you’ll usually get some get exercise out of active outdoor activities.

Think of ideas that go with the time of year. Maybe there are bucket list ideas you accomplish in the spring such as taking a walk in a park with cherry blossoms or visiting the National Historic Botanical Garden in New York. Take a native garden tour or check out a special exhibition. Don’t fret if you can’t make it in the spring, it’s actually open year round.

Get a bucket list book and add some outdoorsy dates to your bucket list that you can go on during warm weather months whether it’s a scenic hike, riding bikes together, horseback riding, or even rollerblading around the neighborhood. Try to push each other out of your comfort zones to create some first-time experiences and long-lasting memories. 

7. Visit a Love Lock Bridge

If you’ve never been a love lock bridge, make it a must for your bucket list. Maybe it can be one of your anniversary trip ideas. There are some amazing love lock bridges all over the world from Paris and Germany to China and even New York City.

You and your partner can symbolize your love by adding a custom lock to the bridge then come back in a few years (perhaps even on your anniversary) to try to find it.

Experiencing things with the one you love is priceless. These are just a few ideas you can add to your couples bucket list but I encourage you to sit down together and list out all the fun things you’d like to do together and create a timeline.



What are some items you’d add to your couples bucket list?