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Saving: A Secret to Teaching Kids About Money

Psst. Hey, you. Are you looking to make your child a super saver? Listen closely. . . I’ll tell you the secret. Ready? There really isn’t a secret. The truth is you have to actively teach them to save by putting the money away on a regular basis. Not sure how to begin? I’ll show

Summer: 8 Inexpensive, Creative Activities for Kids

Follow me on Pinterest here. When school gets out, kids sometimes think summer should be non-stop fun. Are you wondering how to keep the whole gang entertained for less? You may line up a camp or have a few activities in mind, but it’s doesn’t seem to hold them over.  You might think it’s poor

Money Enrichment: Going Beyond Allowance for Kids

Maybe you have a piggy bank  for your child. You even give them an allowance for chores they have completed, but they aren’t as money smart as you’d like them to be. It can be disheartening. You may think you don’t know enough to show them, so it all seems pointless. Don’t get too down