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Summer: 8 Inexpensive, Creative Activities for Kids

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Money Saving Tips: Creative Activities for Kids

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When school gets out, kids sometimes think summer should be non-stop fun.

Are you wondering how to keep the whole gang entertained for less?

You may line up a camp or have a few activities in mind, but it’s doesn’t seem to hold them over.

 You might think it’s poor planning but don’t get down on yourself.

A lack of creativity may be at FAULT!

 Albert Einstein once said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

I believe this to be true when it comes to planning out your child’s summer. If you don’t take steps to plot out inexpensive things to do, it can easily become a kid crazed summer that drains your funds.

 There are plenty of solutions for summer fun that are easy on your wallet. If you ignore them, you may wrack up some big bills when you don’t have to.

Summer: 8 Creative Activities for Kids Your Wallet Will Love

1. Have a photo session.

Many people go to an event and then take pictures. Why not make taking pictures the event. Capture reflections in sunglasses. Catch some cool scenery or even your friends in the reflection.

Be reflective. Photo via Flickr.


2. Make a micro-garden with minimal effort.

Here’s 66 things to grow at home with containers.


Grow cilantro and make guacamole together.


 3. Skip the little bubbles, blow giant bubbles.

(Here’s the recipe and how to.)

Trade in your tiny bubbles for big ones. Photo via Flickr


4. Put together a box of sunshine.

Deliver a box of goodies to someone who needs cheer or may not be able to go outside.

Put little items in that are all yellow ( the color of sunshine). Include sticky notes, yellow candies, stickers, pens, pencils, and more.

Check out a local senior center or neighbor in need and bring them a box of sunshine.


5. Put the fun in functional.

Make something that has a function for the whole family.

Car organizer can keep things tidy. Have the kids pick one special treat to put inside when finished.


6. Sumo Bowling

Recycle bottles to make mini-bowling pins. Paint them like sumo wrestlers for fun. The kids can play this indoors or outdoors. This can come in handy as a rainy day activity.

Recycle for some free fun. Photo from Flickr.

7. Make a Last Day of School Gift

Show your kids how proud you are of them by surprising them with expensive gifts on the last day of school. The novelty of free time won’t wear off if they have some new stuff to play with.

Now I’m passing it to you. Do you have any inexpensive summer activities for kids?

Also, if you have a second, share this article. I know I’m shamelessly asking you, but it’s easy. Thank you.


8. Take the indoors out.

Have an outdoor movie night. Watch a classic movie on a warm summer night. Pick a spot to show the movie. Round up a movie player, projector and sound system. Pick a movie everyone will enjoy and have bug spray handy for guests.

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  1. These are great ideas. My brother is running a minicamp this summer so I am going to pass these on to him for the other campers

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