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Twitter Chat Strategy: Interview with Money Chat Host

In today’s world social media is where you find out anything and everything: Your neighbor’s complaints, a friend’s birthday, the latest viral video, or a stream of vacation pictures in real time. While some people are randomly sharing whatever comes to mind in the moment, there are others who use it for a planned purpose.

How to Use a Twitter Chat as a Job Lead Generator

You may be getting some job leads but you’re not finding as many as you like. You might think it’s your resume but don’t get down on yourself. Filling out random applications may be to BLAME! Albert Einstein once said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

Save Money: How to Benefit from Social Media

The benefits of saving on social media are EVIDENT. 1. There are deals galore. 2. You can search for savings. 3. You can socialize while pocketing  cash. Here are surprisingly cool tips to save money with social media:

Mini-Guide:Ignite Social Media Savings

Who wants to save money on social media? This post serves as a mini-guide to some of the best information about saving money on social media platforms. Each section offers links to my favorites posts that will help you save money while being social. I even included some of my favorite personal finance Facebook pages