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Get 10 Shopping Tips for End of Summer Sales

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Although summer is ending, end of the summer sales are just beginning.

Who doesn’t love a good summer sale?

Any savvy shopper knows there are deals you can snatch up before the warmest season of the year ends.

You can find steep discounts on seasonal items as well as other items you can use during the year.

Get 10 Tips to Land End of  Summer Deals Before They’re Gone

1. Use what you got to get what you want (and don’t have already).

If you are shopping for clothes, take inventory of what you already have. You don’t want another black shirt just like the four you already have hanging in your closet. After taking a good look, maybe you realize you can add a striped shirt to your wardrobe, especially if it’s a trend you may not buy otherwise. A markdown can be an opportunity to try a new look or come out of your fashion comfort zone without spending too much. It’s also a perfect time to stock up on fashion staples you’ve been meaning to get like t-shirts, tanks, khakis shorts, and more.

2. Think tank and tee.

Consider purchasing tank tops and t-shirts that you can wear year round. Both of these garments can easily go under cardigans or button down shirts. A solid white t-shirt is considered a staple. It’s versatile and goes with any other color. It can readily be combined with a bold pattern as well.You can’t go wrong with a solid white tee.

3. Stock up on flip flops.

They come in handy if you vacation in a warm climate later in the year. Many people wear them through the fall and the start of spring. It’s great to have them readily available when you pull out your warm weather clothes once winter comes to an end. You may be able to get that fancy name brand that you would otherwise have to pass by at the beginning of the season. This leads to my next tip.

4. Buy the more expensive brands at this time of year.

I love a good end of the the year sale at L.L. Bean. Who wants to pay full price when you don’t have to? Stock up on totes, backpacks, sandals, towels, swimsuits, and more. Discounted sleeping bags are perfect for campers. Nothing beats a quality one. Kids can use them at sleepovers throughout the year.

5. Use back to school sales for other purposes.

Take advantage of sales for items you may need at home especially if you have a home office. If highlighters, paper clips, paper, or any other item you may need is on sale at this time of year, get it now. Pencils, pens, and paper aren’t just for kids. This could be the perfect time to pick up supplies for yourself.

6. Get steep discounts on patio furniture.

If you are looking to add a cushy new chair or fire pit to your backyard or deck, take a look at the flyers for area stores that have sales this time of year. You can use your new items through the fall and have them ready to go for next summer. Regular furniture stores have sales as well if you are looking to sit inside versus outside in the cooler months to come.

7. Get friendly with store staff.

Many times the cashiers or other workers in the store will clue you in on when a sale will begin if you ask. I worked in retail for many years. Many of the stores I worked for had sales at the exact time each year. Figure out the cycle of when most sales start and ask an employee, if you forget.

8. Go directly to the store to find bargains.

Sometimes certain markdowns don’t make the flyer. Your local store may have a sale they weren’t necessarily planning for and you can snatch up a great deal just by showing up. I have done this on many occasions.

9. Get a green thumb and a red hot discount.

This may be a good time to pick up gardening tools that you need. In my area (the Northeast) steel garden rakes and long handle shovels are on sale. Spring projects themselves can get pricey. Buying the tools at a different time of year for less may help you get that tool that can make your outdoor work a lot easier.

10. Big appliance sales may come early.

Check your local listings for sales. I’ve seen these items go on sale in September and October but sometimes stores get a head start. My local Lowe’s has electric range ovens, side-by-side refrigerators, dishwashers, and more on sale. Start checking local listings and ask stores if they are planning sales soon. Also do you homework to know what a good price is. Try to get an idea of what model you need and what you are willing to pay before entering the store. That’s a big purchase, so you want to make sure you are getting a deal.

The Bottom Line

While you’re savoring the last few sun rays that shine on you, stop by the stores or shop online to grab items you can use next year or throughout the next 12 months to score savings that you otherwise can’t do at other times of year.

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