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How Lleyton Hewitt Inspired Us to Save $200 a Month

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save-money-paying-tennisIf you have been able to catch a glimpse of Lleyton Hewitt, the Australian professional tennis player, you know that he is still on the court swinging his heart out.

Hewitt battled Juan Martin del Potro and won today.

He has endured many surgeries and is considered an “old timer” at 32 in the tennis world.

So. . .

You might be wondering. . .

what does this have to do with saving money?

Be inspired to play tennis or take up another inexpensive hobby and save.

Perhaps, like Hewitt you want to give it one last shot.

But how?

So many people will tell you to clip coupons for the grocery store.

But I’ll level with you.

That is a PAIN in the butt.

There are much more enjoyable ways to save without playing with scissors or scouring the internet for 50 cents off, and now I’ll tell you about it.

Lleyton Hewitt Loves Tennis, Get an Inexpensive Hobby and Love the Savings

Research has shown that hobbies have many benefits. According to a recent article, a professor at Southern Illinois University explains that “participating in leisure activities contributes to your physical and mental health and overall life satisfaction.”

And Winston Churchill said it best, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

So what hobby will you have the courage to try while giving you the most bang for your buck?

My answer is tennis.

I’ll explain.

My daughter was never interested in sports. She enjoys art and learning about animals. She tried dance for awhile but it wasn’t for her. My husband and I decided we had to put her in something because she was becoming a bit of a couch potato.

Over the summer, she joined a tennis class that was held once a week for four weeks. Although she complained the first couple of times, she finally started to like it. We wanted to keep her motivated, so we practiced what she learned from the class on weekends.

For the cost of some tennis balls ($5-10) and a decent racquet ($15-30), you can save money.

So, say you normally spend 100 dollars on a typical Saturday night going out to eat, catching a movie, or just stopping by the mall. If you replace those activities with your new inexpensive hobby, and play it every Saturday for the next four weekends, you will save 400 dollars, burn calories, and increase your chances of having better overall life satisfaction.

I never expected to like tennis. I had no interest in it ever, but after helping my daughter learn how to play, the wallop of striking a hollow rubber ball covered with felt became fun. I can’t say I know all the rules or really understand how to serve but being able to rally a few times was enough to keep me motivated to keep playing.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking to save more money, find an inexpensive hobby and do that instead of spending on the weekend. A hobby like tennis can improve your health and well-being while keeping money in your pocket.


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